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We share our favorite products that we tried or that we put on our wish list.

In this chapter, you will discover what are sustainable skin-care products. You will also find out the difference between clean, vegan, organic, non-toxic, sustainable, cruelty-free, and green beauty products.

Women all over the world love to find out about new self-care products. This is our mission: to help you become the best version of yourself.

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DIY SKIN-CARE recipes for mature age: dry skin and hair


In this video, I share my favorite, easy and budget-friendly DIY skin-care recipes for mature age: dry skin and hair such as an egg white and carrot mask, mayonnaise and shea butter or olive oil hair mask, DIY body scrub made of coffee grinds, and DIY bath salts.

What is your favorite DIY skin-care recipe? Please, share in the comments below.

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Announcement: I Took Part in Dream Big Campaign


I am super excited to share with you that I took part in a fantastic Dream Big Campaign that The Body Shop Switzerland has just launched for Christmas.

Have you ever felt that you do not belong in your environment? Have you ever thought that if only you could change the way you look or where you come from, you’d be accepted by those around you?

When I was growing up in the Czech Republic, I was the only black child in my family, at school, …

La Calavera Catrina Makeup Tutorial – Day of the Dead


In today’s video, I will share with you an easy Sugar Skull (or better La Calavera Catrina) makeup tutorial.

El Día de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated over two days: 1 and 2 November (All Saint’s Day and All Souls Day in Catholic calendar).

While Halloween is about celebrating darkness, and what is scary, the Day of Dead is a celebration of life, not death. It is a moment of remembering the loved ones, a commemoration of their lives, and it represents a continuation of a tradition that …

How To Make Braids and Hair Weave


Since I cut my hair, I discovered new and exciting hairstyles (braids and hair weave) that I want to do in order to let my natural hair grow.

Sometimes I regret that I did the big chop. Other times, especially when I finish in the gym and want to take a quick shower, I appreciate how easy it is to take care of my short hair.

I wish I had the patience to let it grow and sit with it but I get bored easily. The good thing about braids and hair weave is …

Finding Your Authentic Self


A few months ago, I cut my hair short and since then I tried different hairstyles: braids, hair weave and keeping it natural. I thought that cutting my hair short will help me feel more authentic but I learned that authenticity is about how you feel inside.

As much as I like long straight hair, I was tired of the time and money I had to invest in keeping them straightened. I did Keratin treatments on and off for years and just to give you an idea, what it entails: