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Be Bold With Sephora Lip Stain


(Version française ci-dessous)

I am not so big on lipsticks. In fact, I consider them a nuisance. First, you can’t give a kiss to your partner, you can stain your clothes while you undress and all your cups at work are “marked”. But as life is about changes, challenges and welcoming new things to our lives, I teamed up with Sephora to try their new Lip Stain palette.

At first I thought that Lip Stain was just another type of lip gloss. I am very doubtful when asked to try …

Get Rid Of Toxins With Detox Foot Pads


When I heard about Stella Me Detox Foot Pads I was a bit sceptical. Detoxing through your feet? It sounded like some  hocus-pocus pseudomedicine. In my mind, detox meant fasting, juicing or drinking green smoothies. Nevertheless, as I was intrigued and I agreed to try them out mostly because I have no time to go for a massage and have not slept properly since Chloe-Sofia was born. Thus, to be honest, my motivation was a combination of desperation and curiosity.

I even discussed it with my Chinese …

Current Favorites : Babyliss Secret 2 and Braun All-in-One

I am not very patient when it comes to blow drying my hair or using a curling iron. I always admired my fellow bloggers whose manage to braid their hair and create elaborate hairstyles. I never managed to create perfect curls no matter which curling iron I tried. I gave up long ago. From time to time I asked my hairdresser to curl my hair or braid them but did not believe I would be able to achieve the same results.

And than I got the opportunity to try the new Babyliss Curl Secret 2 …

Becca Has Arrived to Sephora in Manor



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Few weeks ago I was invited to an intimate evening organized by Sephora to celebrate launch of BECCA in Switzerland.

We got to know Global Style Director for BECCA Cosmetics Kerry and a makeup artist Elenni. They flew in from New York to share with us their tips and tricks. We talked about beauty, makeup artists who rule social media, our personal lives and anything in between. They were really enchanting and I fell in love with BECCA’s story and people behind it.

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Eva.J Cosmetics

Happy International Women’s Day to all of you, ladies. How are you going to celebrate it?

A friend of mine is organizing a get together with her female friends. As much as I would love to go, I am still recuperating from a nasty cold and will have to pass. I will celebrate at home with Alex and our little Miss Sunshine. And if I get some time, I will take a long bath, put on Eva.J Vitamin C Face Mask and read a chapter from my favorite book of the moment :

How To Support Fondation Théodora (Theodora Children’s Charity) for Free


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This month La Roche-Posay and Swiss Post have teamed up to raise money for Fondation Théodora (Theodora Children’s Charity). A charity whose main goal is to bring smiles to hospitalized children. Their “Giggle Doctors” are professional performers that visit children in hospitals and hospices. And through play, magic and storytelling they aim to improve their stay.

A smile a day keeps the doctor away. It is an old saying and I truly believe it. Laugh is the best medicine, don’t you think? It helps …

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