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In this category you will find valuable tips and trick which could help you improve your every day beauty routine. We know this is important for you! Women all over the world love to find out about new beauty products and trends and this is our mission: to help you become the best version of yourself. Read more about BEAUTY on our fashion blog designed not only for fashionistas, but for all beautiful girls out there. Hey, beauties, we have so much in store especially for you. Read our blog entries every day to discover new ways of being cute, verstaile and stylish. Currently Wearing is your number one choice when it comes to beauty and latest trends. If you agree with me, come join us, comment on our posts and contact us in case you want to collaborate. We have so much more in store for you. Let’s get acquainted !

Beauty Review: Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion


We’ve all heard of La Prairie. When I was at University I saw it as an exclusive luxury cosmetic brand beyond my reach. I tried their creams and lotions in department stores, admired the texture, the scent and packaging, and when I got lucky and received testers, I cherished them and hardly used them.

Two years ago I was invited by the brand to Art Basel and got the opportunity to get to know La Prairie better. The whole experience was perfect- planned to the detail, exclusive and unique. I fell in love with …

The Best Sunscreens In 2019?


What are your favorite sunscreens?

I like to use this tinted sunscreen from La Roche Posay- Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light SPF 50 Face Sunscreen. It’s ultra-light, absorbs fast, leaves a matte finish and it’s paraben & phthalate-free.

If you’re wondering how to choose a sunscreen – check the article that I wrote last year. I took an appointment with a pharmacist who advised what I should be looking for. There are many different sunscreens on the market and sometimes it may be confusing to choose the exact one that you need.

In this article, put together a short list of sunscreens that we use and some I would like to try. On which criteria do you choose a sunscreen?

Can Community Trade Shea Butter Empower Women?


This year The Body Shop celebrates 25 years of Community Trade partnership with Tungteiya Women’s Association which covers its Shea butter needs. Over the years, the Association grew from 50 to more than 600 women from 11 communities near Tamale, Northern part of Ghana.

In addition to fair and regular wage, The Body Shop pays into a Premium fund which is managed by the women through Northern Ghana Community Action Fund (NOGCAF). The premium is transparently and democratically invested in community projects (schools, access to health centers and clean water, sanitation, a building to stare shea nuts, etc.). It has positively impacted the lives of 49,000 people.

In this video, you’ll learn:
1. What makes The Body Shop’s Community Trade unique?
2. What is the connection between The Body Shop’s Community Trade initiative and women’s empowerment?
3. How is 100% natural Shea butter made and what are its benefits.
4. What is The Body Shop’s 100% Natural Shea Butter and where you can get it?
5. How did the life of women from Tungteiya Women’s Association change to the better?