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In this category, do-it-yourself fashion, I share:

  • do-it-yourself fashion ideas
  • easy tutorials that even a beginner can make
  • tutorials for DIY projects that you can do with your children or with the whole family.

DIY is my favorite way to spend my pastime. Since the birth of Pinterest, it got even easier to find projects that you can do at home.

In this chapter, you will find videos, blog posts, and easy and comprehensible tutorials.

I found out that it is also a great way to:

  • boost your creativity
  • save money
  • feel inner reward
  • find something that will make you feel happy about your skills
  • have time to yourself
  • it is like manual meditation

Do You Know How To Upgrade Old Clothes In A Few Seconds? Upcycling with Miele

What do you with your old clothes? Do you toss them in a bin (and let them rot in a landfill) or leave them in a charity collection bin? What if you chose the third option = upcycling? In this article, I will show you how to upgrade old clothes with iron-on transfers from Miele.

Miele is an independent, family-owned company (established in 1899) manufacturing premium quality appliances for domestic and professional use. Its focus on durability, energy efficiency, performance, ease of use, design, and service makes it one of the most sought-after brands.

tutu skirt tutorial_swiss fashion blog

DIY Tutu Skirt For You and Your Daughter

I used to take ballet classes when I was small and what I liked about them the most was my tutu skirt. It made me feel like a ballerina. And when I saw this skirt online, I knew I had to try to make it myself. It was fun, especially because I could not wait to see Chloe-Sofia’s reaction. At first, she did not want to wear it. But then I made one for myself and she changed her mind. As one of my friends like to say, she is in her monkey see, monkey do stage. This tutorial is simple and takes maximum 45 minutes.

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Pearl High Heels Tutorial

This is an easy and budget-friendly tutorial. I noticed that pearl high heels were really popular last summer. And as I did not want to spend money on something that is just a trend, I decided to make my own pair.

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do it yourself_embellished bag_currently wearing

Floral Dress & DIY Embellished Handbag

I am a big fan of embellished bags, shoes and jackets. And acrylic gems are both affordable and easy to find in stores.  All you need is an all-purpose glue, a packet of acrylic gems and your old clutch.

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