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A Place for Every Woman and Mother in Geneva | #herstreet


#herstreet is a network of spaces dedicated to women and mothers.

I like this concept because it really caters to women. There are many coworking places in Geneva but none of them has a play space run by a Montessori trained teacher.

The coworking space is bright and spacious and what makes it unique is that it alternates as a pop-up space where you can meet new, up-and-coming fashion, accessories, and beauty brands.

If you need a break from work, you can grab something health in their cozy …


When some of my favorite US youtubers and bloggers sang their @foreo_de LUNA mini 3 praises, I was a bit skeptical BUT after using it for 4 weeks, my skin is clear & glowy, and I haven’t had any breakouts (not even during my period)! •
Is it magic or the 8000 T-sonic pulsations per minute that eliminate dead skin cells, remove daily dirt, oil and makeup residue? I guess both. .
It’s an investment but totally worth it. My skin has never looked better and just between us, I don’t wear any makeup in this photo. .
In Switzerland, it’s available at @globus. #LUNAmini3 #FOREO
#foreo_de #globusschweiz #soinsdelapeau #Beauté

When some of my favorite...

Have you also noticed how easily we get stressed when the Christmas season comes? What if this year you focused on giving time to people you love instead of splurging on expensive gifts? •
What I mean is to find time to meet a friend that you haven’t seen for a long time, listen to your husband when he wants to talk, visit family members that you really want to see, and find time for yourself to relax (whether it’s by reading a book, going for a walk, listening to street Christmas carolers, having a massage or going to bed early)? Christmas is not about being perfect. .
It’s about love, peace, family and sharing with others. I wish we could all be kind to each other not only during Christmas time but throughout the year. 🎅🏽 #hohoho #simplechristmas #spiritofchristmas 📷 @alexanderramp

Have you also noticed how...

Christmas spirit 🎅🏽 @mcreario has shared with me this funny post from @scarymommy and I hope it will make you laugh as well.
1. Don’t go into debt trying to show people how much you love them. .
2. Don’t go visit your family if it comprises your mental health. .
3. If someone comments on your weight... EAT THEM

Christmas spirit 🎅🏽 @mcreario has...

NEW VIDEO: did you know that there is a place in Geneva that is fully dedicated to women and mothers? •
@herstreetgeneva you can leave your child with a Montessori-trained teacher when you want to attend a class in their yoga studio, grab a coffee and have something healthy to eat in their café, browse through the carefully curated @rush_and_co boutique, or work on your project in the coworking space. • 👆🏻click the link in bio to discover #herstreet for yourself. And if you are in Geneva, do stop by. #madeforwomen #coworkingwomen #geneva

NEW VIDEO: did you know...

🍫The winner of CHOCO GIVEAWAY is @chococat_vegansnacks 🍫 You will receive a bundle of @Rhythm108 vegan & gluten-free snacks!! Congratulations! Thank you everyone who participated.
#rhythm108 #giveawaycontest #christmasgiveaway #contestalert #genevablogger

🍫The winner of CHOCO GIVEAWAY...

You may have noticed that I have been reposting @maison.aeschbach’s Christmas stories about red-nosed reindeer Rudolph that got lost. Why? •
I like that they decided to support one of my favorite Swiss charities @theodora_foundation with 1CHF for every new follower that they gain on social media between 20 November - 24 December 2019. It’s not about how much they sell but about how many people engage with them.
It’s so simple. All you have to do is follow @maison.aeschbach and they will donate 1CHF for you. •
One of the brands that decided to participate in this campaign is @moon_boot_the_original (which is available at Aeschbach). Do I need to say that Chloe-Sofia’s favorite color is PINK? 📷 @alexanderramp #aidezrudolphe #fondationtheodora #moonboots

You may have noticed that...

My second special Christmas offer is for @sepjordan - a fashion & lifestyle brand with a social impact focus. In this pic, I am wearing their keffiyeh. •
They work with artists and craftswomen who are also refugees in Jordan’s Jerash “Gaza” refugee camp. •
Check their beautiful, delicately hand-embroidered clothes, homewares, and accessories on •
You can now get 10% off using “MIRI2019” code at checkout. If your are in Geneva during Christmas, visit their store in Carouge or the UNHCR chalet at @noel_aux_bastions that they will manage this Christmas season. #sepjordan #noelauxbastions 📷 @alexanderramp

My second special Christmas offer...

NEW VIDEO: Have you started baking Christmas cookies yet? If you told me before how much time and patience I would need to make the gingerbread house, I would think twice before I signed up for it. But Chloe-Sofia enjoyed the whole process and it does look lovely so it was worth it. At the same time, I do not think I will go through this process again next year 😂. 👆🏻 click the link in bio to see how we did it (as well as the DIY Christmas wreath tutorial) #gingerbreadhouse #diychristmas #diyhomedecor

NEW VIDEO: Have you started...

Happy weekend, everyone. I hope you’re having a peaceful weekend. 🍪 We finished the gingerbread house and I have to admit, it’s harder than I thought to make it from scratch, especially if your three-year-old is after the candies you are supposed to use as decorations. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
P.S. I am wearing my new favorite cashmere beanie from a sustainable Swiss fashion brand @thetallis. This beanie is made from repurposed cashmere sweaters, reversible and extra soft. Click the link in bio to get 15% off at Tallis at checkout. 👆🏻#ethicalfashionbrand #slowfashion 📷 @alexanderramp

Happy weekend, everyone. I hope...

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and a peaceful Friday. How do you feel about Black Friday? I am a bit torn - on one hand, I agree that mindless consumerism is not good for our planet and should be avoided, on the other hand, the people that I know use the sales to buy Christmas presents that they would buy anyway. I personally do not promote Black Friday on my blog. Instead, I decided to select ethical Swiss brands that I personally like and wear, and offer discount code to my followers. The first one is @thetallis and if you click the link in bio 👆🏻 you learn how to get 15% off purchase at checkout. #ethicalchristmas #alliwantforchristmas

Hi everyone, I hope you...

48 Hours In Berlin | 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin


Several years ago, my friend from high-school and I made a pact that we will once meet somewhere in Europe without our husbands and kids. A few weeks ago, we finally completed the mission. We chose to go to Berlin for a long weekend in November, I was happy to discover that there was the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin.

Monkey Bar at 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

The hotel belongs to the 25hours hotels chain. It is situated right at the footstep of the Berlin Zoo, and …

Special Christmas Offer for Your Eyes Only – Tallis


My Christmas Wish List (and our Christmas Offer!) is exceptional this year. I decided to feature ethical Swiss brands that I like and have been supporting for some time. And we are starting with TALLIS.

Click here to get 15% off your purchase at checkout! They ship internationally!

Tallis is one of my favorite Swiss brands because their products are sourced responsibly and made with a low footprint to reduce waste.

Cashmere Beret / Source: Tallis

Their sourcing story is a combination …

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Have You Carved Your Pumpkin?


Have you a carved a jack-o-lantern pumpkin for Halloween? If you think that it’s too difficult, this article is for you. Personally, I think that you can carve pumpkin anytime, not only for Halloween. It truly looks beautiful when you light it at night and leave it on your porch or balcony.

This year I carved several pumpkins and have to say that it’s much easier than you may think. You can see our artworks in my video about mindful tips for peaceful Halloween. I found many tutorials on YouTube and …