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Short Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm


In this video, I share a short guided meditation for inner peace and calm. I think that especially now when we are all faced with uncertainty and messages of fear (concerning the novel Coronavirus), focusing on inner peace and calm is essential. We cannot change what is happening outside. We have no power over our external situation. What we can change is our approach to it.

I believe that COVID-19 is a warning. It forces us to slow down and think about our selfish and greedy behavior, at least I hope people do realize …


NEW VIDEO: What to wear when you suddenly have to work from home? A few weeks ago I created my first capsule wardrobe but since we are in quarantine, it is practically useless. What do you wear when you work from home? ☝️Link to video in bio #capsulewardrobes

NEW VIDEO: What to wear...

Since we can’t buy Easter cards, and we need to keep Missy busy while I have to work from home, this weeks challenge was to make our own cards. We let her express herself creatively, which makes her happy, and it trains me not to push my ideas onto her. P.S. She is four years old and can’t read - this the slogans on the cards make no sense... At least to us. ✌️ #diyeastercard

Since we can’t buy Easter...

NEW VIDEO: I finally got the courage and started doing what I wrote in my diary in 2010: to share my meditation practice. •
I was always scared how people would react, what they would say or how I would look. A month ago I gave myself a challenge - to write down what I would do if I knew I was going to die at the end of this year. And this was one of the things on the list. I realized that it was me who was stopping me from doing what I always wanted. Not others. •
My doubts are ridiculous because I have been practicing different forms of meditation since I was 12, that is 39 years. I never doubt people who do a meditation course and become “certified teachers” even if they started a year ago but I keep underestimating myself constantly. And it is tiring and I don’t want to do that anymore. So here we are, my first meditation, more are being recorded, and I will publish them on my new YouTube channel every week. 💪 #beyourtrueself

NEW VIDEO: I finally got...

What difference does one week make? Swipe to see. ➡️ Being confined at home means that our Easter decorations are done and we even started with gardening. P.S. According to the lunar calendar, you should plant tomato seeds today and tomorrow. 🍅 #ourlittlegarden

What difference does one week...

NEW VIDEO: what to do with kids at home when you have to work, do groceries in a safe manner and manage the chores? Check my latest video 👆🏻 direct link in bio #westayathome

NEW VIDEO: what to do...

The more I watch the news, the more anxious I feel. These days I find peace in my daily practice of gratitude and reading spiritual books such as Love Is Letting Go Of Fear. Because what I hear on TV and see online brings fear. So I try to avoid it but at the same time, I try to stay updated. Which is hard if everyone is sending you #coronameme. •
I can choose to be anxious about future since I work for the UN, and if the world gets into recession, I may lose my job. My husband lost his job a month ago so I can feel nervous about that as well since no one is hiring right now. BUT... •
I choose to focus on what works: we have a beautiful relationship, our daughter is healthy, our parents, brothers, sisters, and my grandmother are well, we both have amazing friends, we have a roof above our heads, food, water, and a wifi. I choose to focus on what I can be grateful for and trust the Universe to take care of the rest. Because everything changes, once you are up, then you are down, once you can smile, then you cry... so the only peace we can find is in being present and watch the life unfold in front of our eyes. •
May we all find moments of peace, togetherness, collaboration, love and compassion at these challenging times. #alwayslookonthebrightsideoflife | this quote is from the book “Love Is Letting Go of Fear.”

The more I watch the...

Originally I wanted to share a different photo but after seeing empty shelves at a grocery store, I feel quite shaken. •
I understand the fear but at the same time, the grocery stores will get refilled and you don’t have to worry about food shortage. •
If you read this, you must be rich enough to have an access to the Internet, roof over your head, and enough money to buy food that you need. You can stay connected with your loved ones via WhatsApp, and you’re watching the latest #covıd19 news at home on TV •
What I am trying to say is that by focusing on “scarcity” we start panicking and get in survival mode. •
Who cares about those who have nothing like the homeless people or refugees, who have to spend the nights in the streets or trying to get to Europe who doesn’t want them? •
Instead of fighting for the last package of Barilla pasta, can we pray for those who are suffering more than us and don’t get the spotlight? #letsbenicetoeachother

Originally I wanted to share...

What else can I say? The situation in Switzerland and the whole Europe is serious due to #covıd19. But I think it is important to stay calm and realistic, if everyone starts buying food, toilet paper and Pampers as if it is the end of the World, the country will collapse. There is enough for everyone - we have just seen on the news empty grocery stores. But when we were in the store this afternoon, everyone was calm and there were no empty shelves. The news on TV are creating a panic and it is not helpful. 🙏🏼 so stop watching TV, keep washing your hands, and stay away from vulnerable populations, please.

What else can I say?...

MY FAVORITE ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS that are perfect for travelers. I forgot to share this video from Costa Rica and time flies so fast that now it is already “old.” Nevertheless, you can click the link in bio to see the whole video👆🏻#refusereducereuserecycle


NEW VIDEO: Why it’s important to know your why? Because when it comes to changing our habits, once you know what your motivation is, you are more likely to succeed. ☝️Don’t forget to click the link in bio to watch the whole video.

NEW VIDEO: Why it’s important...

How To Let Go of Fears, Anxiety, and Worries – Written Meditation


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If you find guided meditations challenging, written meditation will be right for you. It can help you when you struggle with negative emotions and attacking thoughts.

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What to Do While Quarantined With Kids

If you are a working parent, you’re most likely wondering how to manage homeschool your children and work at the same time. Not to mention that since everyone is confined to their homes, you’ll have to also take care of the chores and cook. So in this video, I want to share my tips on what to do while quarantined with kids.

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Project 333 : 2020 Spring Capsule Wardrobe


This spring I decided to create my first capsule wardrobe by following the rules of Project 333. It means that you can wear only 33 articles for the next three months. The 33 pieces include shoes, accessories, jewelry, and clothing. You don’t include underwear, sleepwear, in-home loungewear, workout clothing, and wedding rings. 

Since I live in Switzerland, which is cold between March and May, my 33 pieces include warm clothes and shoes. As my parents always say: “It is better to be warm. You can always take one layer off.”

Once I chose the …