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HOW TO CHOOSE A TOP | Project 333 Summer Capsule Wardrobe


If you want to learn more about the process of building a summer capsule wardrobe, check this episode in which I focus on how to choose the right tops. I follow Project 333 rules: you can choose 33 pieces of clothing for 3 months which is quite a lot when you think about it. And those 33 pieces don’t include gym wear, underwear, socks, or the clothes that you wear at home.

What is a capsule wardrobe? It is a collection of essential items of clothing that are interchangeable, timeless, and functional. When you build a …


NEW VIDEO: In this video, I will share with you what sustainable materials you should look for when you’re choosing a top. I have been blogging for 7 years now and during that time I met and worked with some great ethical and sustainable designers. And in this video, I will introduce you to some of my favorite ones: @atelierlaurepaschoud @mici_madeincotedivoire @avani_apparel @apesigned. #sustainablefashion

NEW VIDEO: In this video,...

NEW VIDEO 👆🏻 Click the link in bio: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
How do you manage your personal finances? Do you talk about money with your partner/ family? In this video, Alex and I will show you how to make a yearly budget. Why? Because learning to budget and manage my money, helped me to organize my life and be able to plan my future. How do you feel about budgeting? #budgetingtips

NEW VIDEO 👆🏻 Click the...

I have never been so excited to do our laundry! Today I received @guppyfriend laundry bag that catches micro plastics when you wash your clothes. Even though we don’t have much clothes made of polyester and other “usual suspects”, I feel relieved that now we can do our laundry with clear conscience. Do you also have a Guppy Friend bag? #saynotoplastics

I have never been so...

🚲 Welcoming new week with open hands. 🚲And on my bike. I have started using again after 4 yrs of break. Chloe-Sofia is now learning to ride her own bike and it is more fun when we can ride all three together (including @alexanderramp). Do you like to ride a bike? 🚲 #bicy

🚲 Welcoming new week with...

Wild figs 🌦🌱#natureinthehands

Wild figs 🌦🌱#natureinthehands

How to create 123 outfits from ONLY 18 looks? Find out in my latest video. 👆🏻 link in bio. #capsulewardrobeplanning

How to create 123 outfits...

NEW VIDEO ALERT: How to achieve personal freedom and independence? I invited @alexanderramp to share his advice as he helped me to gain control over my personal finances. And how is it connected to sustainable living? If you have control over your money, it is easy to leave in peace, plan your future and use your money consciously. Enjoy the video and let me know in the comments below what other topics interest you. #savemoneywithme


How to choose the right bottoms for your summer capsule wardrobe? What should you pay attention to? Find out in my latest video. Click the link in bio 👆🏻. #capsulewardrobe

How to choose the right...

If there is one thing that I mastered during the quarantine, beside Zoom calls and surviving 24/7 with a 4-year-old, it’s to make my almond milk cappuccino at home. What have you learned during the quarantine? *
P.S. : since I found out that growing almonds is not sustainable (they require too much water and are mostly grown in California - draught prone region), I have tried other alternatives such as making an oat milk but it just doesn’t taste good - at least not the one I made. If you have any tips on how to make a good oat milk at home, pls share in the comments below👇🏼 *
Organic almonds from @ilbiolocale - one of our favorite zero-waste stores that remained opened during the quarantine. #homemadealmondmilk

If there is one thing...

Orange 🍊 feelings: turmeric, chickpea flour and honey homemade face mask. What is your favorite DIY skincare recipe? #naturalskincaretips

Orange 🍊 feelings: turmeric, chickpea...

BUDGETING FOR WOMEN- How to Make a Budget 2020


Do you make a budget? And if yes, how? How do you manage your finances, and save money?

We called this video Budgeting for Women- How to Make a Budget 2020 for several reasons: first, it is a great for SEO keyword, second, I wanted to attract women to watch this video. I believe that women as well as men are very well able to manage their money BUT not everyone gets the right financial education to be able to do so.

I have several girlfriends who experienced the same …

18 PIECES, OVER 123 OUTFITS: summer capsule wardrobe


Are you wondering how to build 123 outfits from only 18 pieces? I have a solution for you – it is called an interchangeable summer capsule wardrobe. In this video, I will show you that your closet does not have to be filled with clothes – 18 items suffice. The only condition is that you select pieces that you can mix and match.

As we are planning a summer capsule wardrobe, think about the colors that you’d like to wear in summer as well as appropriate materials.

I favor sustainable materials, I look for …

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom in 2020


Today we are starting a new series about financial freedom and building personal wealth. The first episode is called How to Achieve Financial Freedom in 2020. Since my husband works in finance, I asked him if he can share with us his tips and advice.

Why have I decided to create this series? Because I believe that conscious and sustainable living is also about being able to manage your money with a peaceful heart and sound sleep. And making a budget is the best way to accomplish that.

Budgeting may not sound …