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Minimalist Fall – Our Favorite DIY Activities


What to do in the fall when it is cold and raining? Well, you can stay at home and work on some DIY projects. I like DIY activities because it’s not about what you can buy but what you can create with the essential things that you find at home or in nature.

A do-it-yourself project promotes your creativity, is budget-friendly, and trains your focus and attention. I think that it’s one of the best ways to practice mindfulness without spending money. 

Here are some of our favorite, budget-friendly DIY projects that Chloe-Sofia and …


Smile - because it’s a new day. Yesterday was a really “challenging” day at work but to be honest, it helps me see what I need to work on : like not taking it personally when someone has a bad day or puts you down to feel better. In fact, it’s the best opportunity to practice what we learn during meditation - to have a distance and watch your ego. So big thank you to all who are challenging me - you are helping me to become a better person. 🙏 #namastebitches 📷 @alexanderramp

Smile - because it’s a...

GIVEAWAY!!! 🎅🏽🎅🏽🎅🏽 You can win this deluxe Christmas calendar from @thebodyshopch (value CHF 170). .
How to participate?
1. Follow @miri_ramp and @thebodyshopch
2. Leave a comment #dreambig
The giveaway will end on 20 November 2019 at 20:00. It is opened to people based in Switzerland. The winner will be announced in my Stories on Thursday, 21 November 2019. .
Good luck everyone!
#thebodyshopch #christmascalendar #giveaway | 📷 @alexanderramp

GIVEAWAY!!! 🎅🏽🎅🏽🎅🏽 You can win...

I feel both happy and touched to be part of the Dream Big campaign that @thebodyshopch launched this month. They selected 10 people living in Switzerland who overcame challenging situations in their life. The goal is to inspire those who may be going through the same - you are not alone and no matter where you are now, it’s only temporary. Check the link in bio to watch my story👆🏻 and remember, dreams do come through. P.S. in 2 weeks, the campaign has already raised over 700 CHF for @projuventute_schweiz ❤️ #thebodyshopswitzerland #dreambig

I feel both happy and...

As you know, over the last two years our family has made decisions to decrease our plastic pollution by going as low plastic waste as possible. That’s why I am happy to support @teal.project - their aim is reduce ocean plastic by turning it into socks! •
I have tested them when we were walking around Berlin and what I liked the most was their clean, stylish design, functionality and how comfortable they were. If you also want to help clean our planet, you can support their fundraising campaign now on Kickstarter ( just swipe my Story). #tealproject #startup #zurich

As you know, over the...

What made you smile today? I am twirling around because it’s Tuesday and I have my new wrap dress from @karinadresses on! #karinaeveryday, #karinadresses #ad #sponsored

What made you smile today?...

How are you today? I am always impressed how many people reply that they’re not well because it’s Monday. Unconsciously, they are telling me that they would rather be/work somewhere else. Did someone put a spell on this day just because the weekend is over? If your day has just started and you feel already down, you’re setting a tone for the whole week. Let’s stop for a moment and think about 3 things that you are grateful for today. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Have an amazing Monday 🙌 | @25hourshotelbikiniberlin #25hourshotel

How are you today? I...

They say that it’s a bar with best view in Berlin. So we had to check it out😉 @25hourshotelbikiniberlin #25hourshotels

They say that it’s a...

Did you know that it’s been 30 years since the fall of Berlin wall? I remember watching it on TV with my parents and even protesting in the streets of Prague. In the Czech Republic, people will celebrate 30 years from the Velvet Revolution on 17 November. Today we visited Checkpoint Charlie, the remnants of the Wall and thought about the meaning of freedom. While most of the Eastern Europe celebrates this month, I always think of people living in countries where freedom of speech and civil rights are not respected. 🙏 What does freedom mean to you? | @25hourshotelbikiniberlin #25hourshotels

Did you know that it’s...

High five ✋🏽 what are you up to today? I am currently watching a documentary about seduction and feel totally out of the game (and so married 😌) since I don’t use Tinder, Snapchat or any other social media that are ruling the dating scene. Do you also feel that dating habits have changed?
@columbia_eu / @passionforpr
#testedtough #ppr_ch

High five ✋🏽 what are...

Reality of taking photos with a pre-schooler. It makes me happy to call Missy a pre-schooler instead of a toddler and sad because as they all say, time flies, and she grew up so quickly! 🍁
What is your favorite outdoor brand? Today I am sharing my new @columbia_eu jacket that I use outdoors. It’s warm and even though it was raining this weekend, I didn’t get wet. 🍂
You may have noticed that it’s my second post promoting the same brand (the third is up tmrw). Well, I love Columbia - we tested their jackets and shoes on tracking trails in Costa Rica, when we hiked up to see a volcano or walked through muddy rivers. It’s a brand that both Alex and I like and rely on when we are out and about in the nature and jumping around with Missy. 📷 @alexanderramp #greatoutdoor @passionforpr
#testedtough #ppr_ch

Reality of taking photos with...

Announcement: I Took Part in Dream Big Campaign


I am super excited to share with you that I took part in a fantastic Dream Big Campaign that The Body Shop Switzerland has just launched for Christmas.

Have you ever felt that you do not belong in your environment? Have you ever thought that if only you could change the way you look or where you come from, you’d be accepted by those around you?

When I was growing up in the Czech Republic, I was the only black child in my family, at school, …

Sound Bath Will Heal Your Body and Mind | Crystal bowls


Have you ever heard about the healing sound of crystal bowls? When a girlfriend of mine mentioned that she attended a sound bath, I didn’t know what to think about it.

I remembered my mom talking about Tibetan singing bowls, which are supposed to have a beneficial effect on our health. They are made of seven metals: a bronze alloy containing copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver, gold, and nickel. I remember them from the time when I was practicing Vajrayana Buddhism.

But my friend talked about crystal bowls. Singing …

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What Is Your Relationship With Coffee?


What is your relationship with coffee? How many cups per day do you drink?

Until recently, I used to drink three cups of coffee per day. In the beginning, I believed that coffee gave me energy. But over time, I realized that I felt the same no matter whether I drank coffee or not.

When I decided to tackle my addiction to social media, I decided to take a break from coffee as well.

You can learn about my social media detox in a video that I made about it.