Esprit sweater dress/black OTK boots

 “There is something inherently seductive about sweater dresses…”

Esprit sweater dress_black OTK boots

Hi everyone, how are you feeling? How is your week going so far?

Today I am wearing my favorite sweater dress. I decided to pair it with high boots and fishnets to make it stand out.

I don’t know about you but I always feel a bit down when leaves start changing their colors and evenings start to get dark earlier. It makes me think of hot cocoa and logs bursting in flames in our fireplace. I wish I could lock myself in the house, dressed in warm socks and oversize sweaters. I don’t want to see anyone. I just want to rest and get accustomed to cold, humid weather on my own terms. In my own time.

But don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel depressed. It is just that winter always comes too early and too fast. At least in Switzerland. Sometimes I wish I lived in a country where snow never comes and I can still go to these a when the temperature cools down. My dream destinations are Costa Rica and the Philippines.


sweater dress/black over-the-knee boots/swiss fashion blog
sweater dress/black over-the-knee boots

And as I can not do all that I dream about, I go through my closet. I change my summer clothes for winter ones and try on my favorite sweater dresses. I have several and every winter I get a new sweater dress to refresh my wardrobe. There is something inherently seductive about sweater dresses, don’t you think?  I think it is the best attire for colder months. They make you feel like a woman: elegant, feminine, ready to seduce her prey.

I chose this sweater dress from Esprit for its bell sleeves. It cuts right above-the-knee, which is the perfect length. I can easily wear it with over-the-knee boots or my favorite ankle booties. It versatile, chic and flattering.

How do you feel about sweater dresses?

Photos by Alex.

sweater dress/black over-the-knee boots
sweater dress/black over-the-knee boots/swiss fashion blog/currently wearing
currently wearing/ swiss fashion blog/over-the-knee boots
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Today Currently Wearing Presents David Schiesher.

David is an American Clinical Social Worker practicing individual and couples therapy in Geneva.  His peaceful and calm energy transforms the atmosphere in his sessions and believe me, I know what I am talking about. He guided me through several challenging periods in my life: going through a divorce and dealing with an eating disorder.

What I like about his methods is that they make you realize the root of your problem. And once you can see it, you can heal. For me, it was revolutionary to start seeing my self-destructive behavior in a new light and let go of it.

I decided to divide this interview into two parts otherwise it would be too long. I mean, I love listening to podcasts and watch video interviews, but as a busy, working mother, my time is limited. 30-40 minutes is maximum.

In the first part, that you can listen to today, we discuss four methods that David uses in his practice and how to help a partner/ family member or a friend that suffers from an addiction.

In the second part, we will talk about intimate relationships: how to build one, nourish it and deal with issues that may (and will) arise along the way.


Photos featured in the video are copyright protected by David Schiesher.

Connect with David at

Watch on Youtube:

Podcast version:

byVanjaJocic couture hat/swiss fashion blog/ blog suisse

 “Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outsides.”

How often do you find these three words in one sentence: self-care, parents, and importance?

The number one advice that I used to get when I was pregnant, was to rest as much as I could. The second one was that we are not born parents, we become them.

I did not fully comprehend those well-meant words until I became a parent. I realized that as parents, we are programmed to think of our child first. it is natural to forget to take care of yourself. And I don’t know about you but I feel selfish everytime I go for a massage, facial or to a hairdresser. I feel that I should be at home with my daughter which is not rational as she is having a great time with my husband.

One of the mistakes, that I made, was looking for inspiration on Instagram. Not only what I wanted to know what to wear postpartum, I kept comparing myself to other moms as well. Which, as I know now, is completely unproductive. They all looked happy and perfect. Some of them slimmed down to their pre-pregnancy weight within the first two months. They all made it seem like a piece of cake. Being a new mom should be fun, simple and easy. And they did it all with full makeup and perfectly synchronized selfies.

My version of “life as a new mom” was sore and messy. I felt helpless, lost and confused. Something had to be wrong with me because everyone else seemed to be passing with flying colors. I wish someone had told me that it was OK and completely normal. That no one has their s*** together after giving birth (unless you have an army of nannies, personal trainer, cook and house help on your hand).

Then one day, which seemed really hard and dark, I stumbled upon a quote:


Soon after, a friend who listened to my ranting, said that there is a reason why they instruct you on a plane to put on your oxygen mask before you assist your child.

It was a parable to the importance of self-care. Because if you don’t take care of yourself, one fine day, you will end up feeling tired and empty. And if you have nothing to give, you can’t cater to your child’s needs.

On the other hand, if you flourish and thrive, your children and your family will as well.

So don’t listen to your inner doubts and judgments. Don’t compare yourself to others. Once you become a parent, not only that you have to justify your choices to yourself, you’ll get into disagreements with your partner, parents, and in-laws as well.

Everyone has something to say. And the hardest thing is to listen without taking it personally. Keep your mind and heart open. And be aware that they all mean well.

the importance of self care/ JCrew
importance of self-care/Oversized Moss green pants
currently wearing/oversized green pants

Top: J.Crew, Pants: J.Crew , Hat: by Vanja Jocic, Heels: River Island (similar), Handwoven bag: from Kenya.



wide leg green pants/swiss fashion blog

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Je connais Vanessa, la fondatrice de Sathya en Soi, par le biais de Genuine Women, une plate-forme suisse qui soutient les femmes entrepreneurs. Au cas où vous l’auriez manqué, nous avons parlé avec son fondateur, Emilie, la semaine dernière et vous pouvez trouver cette interview ICI.

Mais revenons à Sathya en Soi. Après un grave accident de voiture, Vanessa a commencé à apprendre des énergies à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de nous. Quand son troisième enfant est né, elle a quitté son emploi et a décidé de se concentrer entièrement pour aider les autres à entrer en contact avec eux-mêmes, à trouver leur vérité et à communiquer avec leur âme et leurs guides.

Cette interview a été faite en collaboration avec mon mari. Alors ne soyez pas surpris lorsque vous entendez sa voix.

Sathya en Soi-

Lecture recommandée:

Miguel Ángel Ruiz – Les Quatre Accords Toltèques.
James Redfield- La Prophétie Des Andes.
Catherine Vasquez- Oyme l’Expérience Humaine.
Raphaëlle Giordano – Ta Deuxieme Vie Commence Quand Tu Comprends Que Tu N en As Qu’une.
Laurent Gounelle- Homme qui voulait être heureux.

Watch on Youtube: Podcast version: