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Here Is What I Wore at Paléo Festival Nyon 2023

A quick look back at Paléo Festival Nyon 2023. Every year seems better than the previous one and this one was no different. I especially liked the techno and dance music Belleville scene. Although it was introduced a year ago it already gained faithful following. Last year was good but this year’s selection of DJs was amazing. It was the first time we stayed till 2:30AM (and went to work that same day) but it was totally worth it.

My other favorite part of Paléo Festival 2023 was La Ruche. The place full of …

How Paléo Festival Became more Sustainable in 2022

This year’s Paléo Festival in Nyon was special for several reasons:

First, although three years passed since its last edition, it didn’t impact the number of people that showed up every day. Over 6 days and 6 nights, the festival welcomed some 250,000 festival goers in total.

It was also extremely hot and dry weather and every night we came back home we had to take a long shower to wash all the dust off. This year we took Chloe-Sofia with us for the first time. I can’t imagine a more family-friendly music festival! …

Surprises and Innovations at Paléo Festival 2022

The Paléo Festival is back. After two years of hiatus, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, its door will open on 19 July 2022. If you are wondering what to expect and what not in 2022, you’re at the right place. Get ready for surprises and innovations at Paléo Festival 2022.

NEW IN 2022


  • The place to be for the lovers of electronic music (techno, deep house, afro-house, electro-pop, reggae-dub). You’ll find it in the area where Les Arches and Le Détour used to be. It is close to the …


How to Do Festival Fashion Sustainably in 2022?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is not fully gone, the summer festivals are back. And with that my favorite Swiss music festival: Paléo Festival which takes place in Nyon. Yay! So if you’re wondering how to do festival fashion sustainably in 2022, you came to the right place.

GM Boutique, Av. Pictet-de-Rochemont 3, 1207 Genève. this has been my to-go second-hand store in Geneva for years. I am wearing a pre-loved flower-print skirt.

The answer, as you can expect is: YES. You can dress up sustainably, fashionably, and respect your budget. …

How to Choose the Right Second-Hand Website in 2022?

Hi everyone, I hope you had a good start to the new year. The other day I read an article about fast fashion on Linkedin and it made me think that:

– although it is great that more people are aware of the negative sides of fast fashion, there is still a lack of knowledge about alternatives to fast fashion,

– one needs to be aware that sustainable/ethical/eco-friendly/fair fashion is more expensive than fast fashion, and

– not everyone will go/ is ready to go 100% cold turkey and …