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How To Make Braids and Hair Weave


Since I cut my hair, I discovered new and exciting hairstyles (braids and hair weave) that I want to do in order to let my natural hair grow.

Sometimes I regret that I did the big chop. Other times, especially when I finish in the gym and want to take a quick shower, I appreciate how easy it is to take care of my short hair.

I wish I had the patience to let it grow and sit with it but I get bored easily. The good thing about braids and hair weave is …


Fall leaves, booties and trench coats... what is your favorite fall accessories? Today I wish you to have a day filled with positive vibes, true smiles and warm hugs 🙏 #welcomefall

Fall leaves, booties and trench...

So we did our best to follow DIY pumpkin decoration ideas on @pinterest (why do people call it “Easy DIY” when I spent the whole day doing it?🤔) swipe to see the results | 📷 @alexanderramp #halloweendiy #diypumpkin | I am wearing two of my favorite Swiss brands - the jacket is @atelierlaurepaschoud and the bag @noleti.switzerland

So we did our best...

What are your weekend plans? Ours will include carving a pumpkin, video making and a birthday celebration of Chloe-Sofia’s girlfriend. 👈 btw, I feel like her social life is more exciting than her parents’ or maybe she’s just more popular😍 🎃

What are your weekend plans?...

Feeling blessed and grateful. Abundance AGAIN knocked on my door: I had an amazing facial at my favorite @lemelrose.geneva with @tataharperskincare Supernaturals 2.0 (their new skincare line). The reason why I love this brand is a) it makes my skin looks amazing | b) it has an amazing smell | c) aren’t these reasons enough🙃? •
A huge thank you to Melissa who makes Le Melrose special, unique and one-of-a-kind spa in Geneva. @oprah always asks her guests: “What’s your intention?” And in Le Melrose I always realize that it’s the great intention that makes things special ❤️❤️❤️ #greenyourbeautyroutine #lemelrosegeneva #tataharper

Feeling blessed and grateful. Abundance...

Today I was practicing “the law of the least effort”- in other words, accepting what is and being with it no matter how uncomfortable I was. It’s one of the exercises when you do 21 Days of Abundance with @deepakchopra. So I went to buy my morning soy cappuccino and blueberry vegan muffin, ask the barista how he was and after a little chat he offered the cappuccino & muffin to me. What a beautiful way to start your day, right? Universe is generous 🙌
Thus today, I wish you to have a beautiful day, filled with generous surprises and peaceful energy. 📷 @alexanderramp #lawofabundance #peacewithin

Today I was practicing “the...

Happy vibes even on Mondays. I am wearing my new @karinadresses, the sun is shining and work day is over. •
I planned to go to do a cardio session this evening but than my amazing friends from work gifted me a waffle/sandwich/panini/pancake maker and I just can’t wait to get home and make some waffles for Alex and Missy. It may not sound sexy and cool but it makes me happy to make them happy. • How was you Monday? 📷 @alexanderramp #karinaeveryday #karinadresses

Happy vibes even on Mondays....

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday for the first time in six years off social media, concentrating on myself (gym time), my family (being engaged and present) and feeling grateful for the peace and blessings in my life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Sideway note: How do you feel about Instagram? I am seriously tired of how this platform works lately. After 6 years of investing a lot of time in being engaged and active on a daily basis, my engagement rate is the lowest ever. Some of the bloggers that I’ve known for years(!) are getting blocked from commenting, don’t grow, and have a low engagement while other people with a few photos get thousands of likes. I just don’t get it. Did I miss some memo? It’s totally weird, uninspiring and tiring. The only reason why I use this app is to stay in touch with people I got to know during those years. •
And since I spend less time here, I have better relations with people around me, I made new friends, and feel closer to my family. So even if I get no likes for this post, I am still happy with myself because this platform does not define my value. 📷 @alexanderramp #slowandsimpledays

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday...

Thursdays are like Fridays (since I don’t work on Fridays) and this is one is even more special since it’s the last day that I am forty. Today I am grateful for so many things, especially the health, sane mind and amazing people and family that surround me. What are you grateful for today?
📷 @alexanderramp #stairwaytoheaven

Thursdays are like Fridays (since...

Since I learned to make pizza dough, we make pizza at home. And Chloe-Sofia loves decorating the pizza and feeling like a chef. This was one of the exceptions when we craved “the real Italian pizza” and ended up in @luigiarestaurant in Nyon. It’s our favorite pizzeria in Geneva/ French-speaking part of Switzerland because of the dough, fresh ingredients and the atmosphere. P.S. this is NOT sponsored! •
What is your favorite pizza place in Switzerland? Any recommendations? And if you live abroad, let me know if you prefer to make your own pizza at home or have it home delivered. 🍕🍕🍕📷 @alexanderramp #nyon #pizzalovers🍕

Since I learned to make...

Yesterday we did (after at least 6 months!) a proper photoshoot. We blocked two hours, took 500 pics and I can use 3 - now I remember why I stopped doing fashion 😂😂 #mondayfeels #happymonday 📷 @alexanderramp

Yesterday we did (after at...

Finding Your Authentic Self


A few months ago, I cut my hair short and since then I tried different hairstyles: braids, hair weave and keeping it natural. I thought that cutting my hair short will help me feel more authentic but I learned that authenticity is about how you feel inside.

As much as I like long straight hair, I was tired of the time and money I had to invest in keeping them straightened. I did Keratin treatments on and off for years and just to give you an idea, what it entails:

The Importance Of Friendships


How do you define a friend? In today’s video, I talk about the importance of friendships in our lives, how to differentiate a friend from a frenemy, and why it’s vital to have friends from a multicultural and multiracial background.

After you watch this video, let me know how important friends are for you? And do you believe in quality over quantity when it comes to friends? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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