How To Survive Traveling With Kids?


Traveling with kids is fun if you plan ahead. Otherwise, it can be draining, tiring and drive you on the verge of madness. Especially if you’re traveling by plane.

In this article, I round up our favorite toys (and you can shop them) that saved us when we traveled with Chloe-Sofia on a plane. From puzzles, STEM toys to sketch pads, any mom or dad will find something for their little angel.


One of our traditions, when we are in San José, is to have a morning coffee in this little shopping centre. ☕️
It is a small coffee stand, nothing fancy, but their coffee is amazing and the empanadas to die for. And I love to watch people who stop by to have a cup of coffee or breakfast on their way to work and speculate what their life is like. #descubrecostarica #sanjosecostarica | 📷 @alexanderramp

One of our traditions, when...

As Chloe-Sofia manages to sit in a car for a longer period, we feel comfortable to travel a lot this time around. And to make our holiday hassle-free we chose @sixtcostarica to provide us with the best 🚙 for our adventures. This way we can focus on our holiday without worrying how we’ll get around. 📷 @alexanderramp

As Chloe-Sofia manages to sit...

Peaceful moments 🌴 | @alexanderramp

Peaceful moments 🌴 | @alexanderramp

And here we are - finally by the sea 🌴 #descubrecostarica | @alexanderramp

And here we are -...

Some of us are enjoying lunch ~ others (I am not naming anyone, but feel free to swipe ➡️) have to learn some table manners 🤩 #thestruggleisreal #momlife | @alexanderramp

Some of us are enjoying...

After 13 hours of flight and loosing my bank card (managed to cancel it online- thank God for mobile banking) we’ve arrived to San José and enjoying time with the family. 🌴
What are you up to today? | 📷 @alexanderramp #beautifuldestination

After 13 hours of flight...

Super excited and happy that we are on our way to Costa Rica. It’s like going back home (even though my “home” per se is Prague) and I just can’t wait to share with you our adventures. This time we’ll be traveling to in the North-West region. Big hugs everyone and safe travels to us! 🌴🌴🌴🌴 @alexanderramp

Super excited and happy that...

Happy Galentine’s Day!!! 🥳 I like the idea of celebrating other women. Why don’t you tell your friend how much you appreciate your friendship? Compliment your colleague how good she looks today. 🥳
Find your own way to celebrate your girlfriend because real friendships keep us going and give us strength to be our best as girlfriends, wives and mothers. Without real girlfriends we would not survive breakups and divorces. 🥳
Tag your girlfriend below to celebrate the Galentine’s Day! #galentinesday | @alexanderramp

Happy Galentine’s Day!!! 🥳 I...

How was your weekend? All we did was eating macarons, drinking “baby cappuccinos” and planning our next adventure.🌵#exploreeverything | my new @noleti.switzerland bag for our travels. I am totally in ❤️ with their Swissmade, handmade handbags. So much that I own 7 (!) pieces. 😱

How was your weekend? All...

How did Shea butter empower women in the poorest part of Ghana? Why should you use natural Shea butter if you have dry and sensitive skin? Click the link in bio to watch the video, listen to Shea butter processors, and learn more about @thebodyshopch #communitytrade project. #thebodyshop #ghana #thebodyshopch

How did Shea butter empower...

The Best Sunscreens In 2019?


What are your favorite sunscreens?

I like to use this tinted sunscreen from La Roche Posay- Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light SPF 50 Face Sunscreen. It’s ultra-light, absorbs fast, leaves a matte finish and it’s paraben & phthalate-free.

If you’re wondering how to choose a sunscreen – check the article that I wrote last year. I took an appointment with a pharmacist who advised what I should be looking for. There are many different sunscreens on the market and sometimes it may be confusing to choose the exact one that you need.

In this article, put together a short list of sunscreens that we use and some I would like to try. On which criteria do you choose a sunscreen?

Weekend Getaway in The Royal Savoy Hotel Lausanne


A few weeks ago we decided to spend a long weekend in the Royal Savoy Hotel Lausanne located in a stunning historic building in a vibrant district of Ouchy. It was built in 1909 and used to house exiled Spanish aristocrats as well as the young King of Thailand.

When I compare the Hotel to other five-star establishments in Switzerland that we visited, the Royal Savoy Hotel Lausanne comes as one of those on the top. What makes a real five-star hotel is an attention to detail and the people. The hotel was impeccably clean, with beautiful decor exuding history and tradition with a modern twist. And I liked the staff, who was gracious, hospitable, and kind without being cold or detached. We felt welcomed and comfortable.

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