Peek-a-boo ⛺️ What’s your favorite game with your little one(s)?
@mylittleroomch ©️@alexanderramp

Peek-a-boo ⛺️ What’s your favorite...

Sundays ❤️ How did you spend the day?

Sundays ❤️ How did you...

One of the first things that I decided to do to reduce my waste was getting a reusable coffee cup. ☕️

One of the first things...

A big bouquet to celebrate the weekend. May you all have a relaxing weekend 🙌 ©️ @alexanderramp

A big bouquet to celebrate...

What are your plans for the evening? 🙌

What are your plans for...

Special moments with beautiful friends. Always a blessing to spend time with @mymaracuja 😘 ©️ @alexanderramp

Special moments with beautiful friends....

Welcoming new week with my precious 👼
©️ @alexanderramp

Welcoming new week with my...

Behind the scenes with @88rdr. Video soon on Currently Wearing Presents. ©️ @alexanderramp

Behind the scenes with @88rdr....

After a long day at work, reminiscing about our wedding anniversary dinner lifts up my mood. On the other hand, weekend is here (at least for those of us who don’t work on Fridays) #feelinghappy ✌️ ©️ @alexanderramp

After a long day at...

She definitely has her curly hair after me... even if mine is straightened 😁😁
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She definitely has her curly...

How To Make A Green Smoothies & Smoothie Bowl


I started making green smoothies after I gave birth. I did not feel in my skin and needed some healthy kick. Before I started making green smoothies, I thought it was complicated and expensive. I could not be further from the truth. You just need to experiment with different tastes and flavors, fruits and veggies to find what suits you. After two years of making green smoothies and smoothie bowl on a daily basis, I feel like an addict.

There are so many smoothie variations that I tried that I don’t even know which recipe I should share with you first. Today I asked Judy, the founder of BonJu to make a green smoothie and a smoothie bowl with us.

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • How to make a green smoothie easily.
  • Why and how can green smoothies benefit your health?
  • That it is better and healthier to use whole fruits instead of a fruit juice.
  • How to make a smoothie bowl.
  • And much much more…

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How To Make It In Pop Music with Sophie de Quay & The WaveGuards


What is cool in 2018?

Sophie de Quay and The WaveGuards. The pop electro trio (Sophie de Quay, Simon Jaccard, and Tim Verdesca) was founded in 2016 in Switzerland. Since then, they’ve performed in NYC, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and Romania. and around Europe. Currently, they are on tour promoting their first album Drop The Mask.

And if you plan to go to Montreux Jazz Festival this year, you can see them live at open-air scene Music in the Park on 8 July 2018.

In this episode we’ll discuss:

–         How to build a successful career in pop music.

–         Why you should stay yourself and nurture your strengths.

–         Where Sophie de Quay and The WaveGuards found inspiration for their first album.

–         Why you should dream big.

–         What and who they have in common with Stromae.

–         How to use social media to build and reach your audience, and much much more.

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Tapping Your Way To Freedom


Do you want to live happier and fulfilled life? Face your fears? Deal with stress or overcome addiction?

In this instructional video you will learn:

–          What is tapping/ emotional freedom technique?

–          What are meridians and what is their role in our body?

–          Why you need to releases emotional pressure to overcome your fears.

–          Why tapping is a safe and effective method for children.