How To Build A Business That Responds To Real Need


There are many ways to start a business: to do something meaningful, to fill a hole in the market or to cater to a real need. If you can fit all the reasons in one project, that’s even better. Nadine, the founder of OwnBrown, is one of the few people I know that started her business out of all three reasons.

In this episode you’ll learn:

1. How to turn a hole in the market in a jackpot.
2. Why is important to build a business that caters to a real need?
3. How can you benefit from talking to your customers?
4. Why posts on social media that contain black models receive 70% fewer likes than posts with white models. And how you can change it.


How is your Sunday? ❤️ 🤩 #adorablebaby @alexanderramp

How is your Sunday? ❤️...

Friday = pool day 🐬
Chloe-Sofia is wearing a bathrobe from the new @tchiboschweiz Cats & Dogs collection that will be available from 17 July 2018 at all Swiss Tchibo stores and online at #tchiboschweiz #ad

Friday = pool day 🐬...

Pretending to be a “bébé” 👶 @alexanderramp

Pretending to be a “bébé”...

Perfect summer fragrance: Lime Basil & Mandarin Body and Hair Oil! Courtesy of @jomalonelondon #declareyourscent

Perfect summer fragrance: Lime Basil...

Girls night out 🥂

Girls night out 🥂

😮😮😮 No comment. #dramaqueen #letthembelittle

😮😮😮 No comment. #dramaqueen #letthembelittle

No makeup weekends 🙌 @alexanderramp

No makeup weekends 🙌 @alexanderramp

When your daughter is only two years old and already wants to wear a bracelet 😆 thank you @marietouo for such a beautiful present🎀

When your daughter is only...

Summer nights 🥂 maxi dress | @dior sunglasses and @byvanjajocic hat. 📷 by @helenasendula

Summer nights 🥂 maxi...

Had a tough day at work yesterday and the only thing lift me up (besides Alex and Missy) was this passage from Return To Love by @mariannewilliamson
What helps you when you feel down?

Had a tough day at...

Camping In Style At Paléo Festival 2018


What does camping in style mean? Comfort. Aka solid pine bed with a mattress, pillow and duvet, wifi, warm(!) shower, carpet and a rug. That is camping 2018 style at Paléo festival. And so-called “luxpads” at Pal’Asse campsite would seduce even Alex and I. It can be a lot of fun to experience the festival from a new perspective.  Do you feel more at home in your own camper van? Book a pitch in the dedicated camper-van area! And if you prefer to set up your own tent, you can do it for free at festival’s campsite. Finding the right option that works for you couldn’t be easier.

Can you believe that there is also a massage and wellness area at the campsite?

Fashion and Style – Building A Fashion Brand


What’s African fashion and style?

How to build a fashion brand when you work 100%?

MICI Made in Côte d’Ivoire is one of a few Swiss fashion brands that I’ve known for years. It was one of the first brands that I featured on Currently Wearing and I remained faithful to her designs and style since then.

And let me tell you a secret, if you listen carefully, you will hear a word that you can use on MICI’s website to get 15% off her new collection.

After you watch the video, I would love to hear from you whether you wear clothes inspired by African prints and design as well. And if not, why.

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88 Rue De Rhone – Accessible Swiss-Made Luxury Watches


How to make accessible Swiss-Made watches without compromising on excellence and premium quality?

 In this episode, with Pierre Bernheim, the co-founder or 88 Rue de Rhone, an accessible Swiss luxury watch brand, you’ll discover:

  • Why 88 Rue de Rhone watches stand out from watches in the same category.
  • What it means that a watch is Swiss-made.
  • Why being up in the air is the best way to get new ideas.
  • Why you shouldn’t expect to be profitable in the first three years of your business.
  • How to keep going when things get tough.
  • Whether it’s a good idea to work while you’re developing your business on the side.
  • That passion, skills, and even knowledge aren’t the most important prerequisites for success.

Let us know how you like to choose your watch in comments below.

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