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La Calavera Catrina Makeup Tutorial – Day of the Dead


In today’s video, I will share with you an easy Sugar Skull (or better La Calavera Catrina) makeup tutorial.

El Día de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated over two days: 1 and 2 November (All Saint’s Day and All Souls Day in Catholic calendar).

While Halloween is about celebrating darkness, and what is scary, the Day of Dead is a celebration of life, not death. It is a moment of remembering the loved ones, a commemoration of their lives, and it represents a continuation of a tradition that goes back to pre-hispanic cultures. Mesoamerican cultures believed that death is a part of the journey of life, not the end of life.

On this day, the souls of the dead awaken and return to the living world to feast, drink, dance, and play music with their loved ones.

Family members leave offerings on altars, called ofrendas, that are temporarily build at homes or gravesites. The ofrendas are decorated with flowers, for example, marigolds, mementos, incense and favorite food of the deceased family member. Sugar skulls are left on ofrendas for children who passed away.

The ofrendas include four elements: water, as a refreshment for the souls to quench their thirst after a long journey, the earth is represented by bread, the wind is represented by papel picado (traditional paper banner, it means “pierced paper”), and the fire is represented by the candles.

Monarch butterflies are also a symbol of Day of the Dead. It’s believed that they hold souls of the departed.

Today I am making the most famous symbol of the Day of the Dead – La Calavera Catrina makeup. Calavera means “a skull” while Catrina was slang for “the rich”.

In 1910 Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada created an etching of a high-society skeleton lady dressed in a fancy floral hat. It was a social commentary on Mexican high-society that wore tailored European clothes and had snooty attitudes.

Todos Somos Calaveras : We Are All Skulls.

No matter what you wear or have, we’re all equal in death.

Products that I am using:

White Powder Base from Claire’s but NYX has a similar product Concealer: Primer: Foundation: Neutral Eye Base: Eye Shadows: and Eye pencils in white, red and black: and Stick Eyeshadow: Mascara: Lipstick: Makeup Fixer: Swarovski crystals: Headband: mine is from Claire’s but you can find them on Etsy

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