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CAPSULE WARDROBE – what is it? How to create one? And why should you create one?

In this chapter, you will find tutorials, videos, and blog posts that will help you build your own minimal wardrobe from scratch. You will see that creating a minimal closet will simplify your decisions and help you spend less time in front of your wardrobe in the morning.

When I first built a spring capsule wardrobe, I was following the rules of Project 333.  This means that you have 33 pieces of clothing in your wardrobe for 3 months. The whole experience is about learning to live with less, more simply, and happier.

BUILD A CAPSULE WARDROBE with me: how to choose coats and jackets+ peek into how I sell clothes

In this video, titled Build a capsule wardrobe with me: how to choose coats and jackets, I share several tips:

– how to build a capsule wardrobe

– how to choose coats and jackets

– what do you do with clothes that don’t fit?

I will explain what you should be paying attention to when you are building a capsule wardrobe and how you can use online platforms such as DEPOP or Facebook Marketplace to your advantage.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

It …

A SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING HAUL: try-on haul & sustainable fashion brands

Welcome to my video about a sustainable clothing haul. In this try-on haul, I will show you clothes made of sustainable fabrics that I bought recently.

What makes sustainable fashion haul different from a fast-fashion clothing haul? For example the fact, that I focus on sustainable fabrics and fashion brand.

When I look on YouTube, most of the hauls promote fast fashion brands. And I think that it is important to show that you can dress chic and stylish but wear only sustainable brands. I also think that buying clothes second hand is a …

How to build a SUMMER CAPSULE WARDROBE and choose the right dress | PROJECT 333

If you are about to build a summer capsule wardrobe but not sure how to choose the right dress, this video is right for you.

I plan to choose 3 dresses for my summer capsule wardrobe because I follow Project 333 rules. What is Project 333? It means that you’ll be allowed to keep 33 pieces of clothing for 3 months.

What is a capsule wardrobe? It is a collection of essential items of clothing that are interchangeable, timeless, and functional. When you build a summer capsule wardrobe think about the location- where you …

4 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR CAPSULE WARDROBE More Practical | Minimalist Wardrobe Hacks

In this video, I share 4 tips to create a practical capsule wardrobe. When you are creating a minimalist wardrobe, it can seem daunting to rely on a few pieces only.

But it is more a question of habit. Once you get used to the number of pieces in your capsule wardrobe, you will not want to go back to a closet packed with clothes.

You will see that an organized and half-empty wardrobe is freeing for your mind. It takes less time to get ready in the morning. It makes me feel efficient …