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In Sustainable Living, we share tips, trick, and ideas on:

  • what it means to be sustainable, ethical.
  • why we decided to support fair trade companies and brands.
  • how to be sustainable without being an aggressive eco-warrior
  • how to start incorporating zero-waste ideas in your life.
  • we also cover topics such as living sustainably as a family
  • how to shop in zero-waste stores
  • zero-waste products once should get as a beginner
  • zero-waste lifestyle
  • what is slow living?

I share our experience as a family, what products I found helpful when our daughter was growing up. We also talk about other, family-related content.

In this category, we also talk about motherhood:

  • I share my experience with motherhood, post-natal depression, pregnancy,
  • and other motherhood-related topics.

You can find out more about how you can improve your life and be more sustainable.

Make the most of our priceless tips and tricks.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas in 2022 – YAY or NAY?

Do you have a habit of making New Year’s resolutions? I used to make them, but I stopped once I got realistic and admitted that I could not keep them. So now I have goals and aspirations for the coming year. And what about you? What are your New Year’s Resolution Ideas in 2022?

While the first free paragraphs are about changes incorporated into my life in 2021, the following two are about the goals/aspirations for 2022.

1. eat HEALTHY

Find a healthy regime that suits your body and mind. For …

Make Christmas Presents For Your Loved Ones in 2021

If you are getting ready for Christmas and wonder how to make Christmas presents for your loved ones this year, you are at the right place. DIY Christmas presents are a wonderful idea if you want to give something unique, original and save some cash along the way. So which affordable presents can you make?


It is very easy and all you need are some paper lunch bags, glue, and scissors. Wondering how to make it?

Watch my video tutorial to learn how to …

How To Celebrate Christmas Sustainably in 2021?

The most sustainable way is not to buy new stuff, avoid creating food waste, prepare only plant-based dishes and not to buy fresh cut trees. But not everyone is ready for all these suggestions. So in this article, I will share a few tips on how to celebrate Christmas sustainably in 2021 by making minor but consequential adjustments.


Let’s start with the Christmas tree. Last year we decided not to cut trees because it feels like wasting precious resources. Trees turn CO2 into oxygen, thus helping reduce the speed …

How To Celebrate Halloween in 2021

Today, I would like to share a few tips on how to celebrate Halloween in 2021.

1. Carve a jack-o-lantern pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is relatively easy and will get you busy for at least half a day.

If it is your first time, check Pinterest for inspiration and tutorials on YouTube. It is one of the autumn activities that Chloe-Sofia adores (besides making animals from chestnuts).

You can also watch my video tutorial, where I share some tips on celebrating Halloween mindfully.

2. …

How to Practice Slow Living In July

In this post, we will look at how to practice slow living in July. Why? Because summer is about vacation, relaxing, and taking time for yourself and your family. And since the COVID-19 situation in Switzerland has dramatically improved (fingers crossed that it will stay this way), many people plan to travel abroad. And for those who stay at home, I put together a list of three alternative holiday options.

While two of the courses take place in Switzerland, one is online based and you can take it anywhere. I hope you will find this selection as interesting …