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Outfits: are you crazy about fashion? What to know what is in fashion? Discover new ways to mix and match your outfit to look original and comfortable every day. I love new ideas and have eclectic personal style. Let me share it with you!

HOW TO CHOOSE A TOP | Project 333 Summer Capsule Wardrobe


If you want to learn more about the process of building a summer capsule wardrobe, check this episode in which I focus on how to choose the right tops. I follow Project 333 rules: you can choose 33 pieces of clothing for 3 months which is quite a lot when you think about it. And those 33 pieces don’t include gym wear, underwear, socks, or the clothes that you wear at home.

What is a capsule wardrobe? It is a collection of essential items of clothing that are interchangeable, timeless, and functional. When you build a …

18 PIECES, OVER 123 OUTFITS: summer capsule wardrobe


Are you wondering how to build 123 outfits from only 18 pieces? I have a solution for you – it is called an interchangeable summer capsule wardrobe. In this video, I will show you that your closet does not have to be filled with clothes – 18 items suffice. The only condition is that you select pieces that you can mix and match.

As we are planning a summer capsule wardrobe, think about the colors that you’d like to wear in summer as well as appropriate materials.

I favor sustainable materials, I look for …

Special Christmas Offer for Your Eyes Only – Tallis


My Christmas Wish List (and our Christmas Offer!) is exceptional this year. I decided to feature ethical Swiss brands that I like and have been supporting for some time. And we are starting with TALLIS.

Click here to get 15% off your purchase at checkout! They ship internationally!

Tallis is one of my favorite Swiss brands because their products are sourced responsibly and made with a low footprint to reduce waste.

Cashmere Beret / Source: Tallis

Their sourcing story is a combination …

Is This The Perfect Denim Skirt For Spring?


Why do I believe that a denim skirt is perfect for this spring? Because it’s practical, easy to wear and depending on the way you dress it up, you can wear it both on Casual Friday or over the weekend.

I found this denim skirt in my favorite consignment store in Geneva and decided to challenge myself and look for similar denim skirts in the same price category. This one is from See By Chloé, and I got it for a fraction of its original price.

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