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In this FASHION category, we talk about:

  • how to dress and choose more sustainable clothes.
  • the negative side of fast fashion: I used to like these stores but once I watch several independent films such as True Cost and the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh on 23 April 2013, I changed my behavior.
  • how to switch your behavior and habits when it comes to clothes consumption: it can be challenging at the beginning when you decide to dress more ethically and sustainably.

I will also show you in this category, how to:

  • build a capsule wardrobe
  • what is Project 333
  • how to create  a minimal but functional closet
  • which fabrics are sustainable and which are not – what fabrics you should choose when you shop for new clothes
  • how to shop in a more sustainable way
  • how to sell the clothes you don’t wear anymore online
  • how and why to shop in the second hands
  • how to create chic and ethical looks without breaking your budget

Discover new ways to mix and match your outfit to look original and comfortable every day. I love new ideas and have an eclectic personal style.

Let me share them with you!


How to Choose Sustainable Chic Sweaters This Spring

I am wearing organic cotton jeans by Esprit, a recycled cashmere beret from Swiss sustainable brand Tallis, a wool sweater with recycled fibers from Marc’O Polo, an organic cotton rollneck, and vintage Gucci sneakers.

As the weather starts getting warmer, I thought we could quickly look at how to choose sustainable chic sweaters this spring.


Look for a light, breathable material such as linen, organic cotton, and silk. Avoid …

How to soothe your shopping itch in 3 simple steps

From time to time, I feel that my closet is useless. I complain that I have nothing to wear and that whatever I put on makes me look ugly. And that is when I get the shopping itch.

The fact is that even if you’re disciplined enough to follow a budget, stick to capsule wardrobe rules and your color palette, shopping urges still come when you feel low. I will not lie: buying something seems like the perfect way to lift your mood. Always. Even if you swore to stop shopping and live more sustainably some time ago. …

A Guide to Reliable and Secure International Online Second-Hand Websites


Welcome to a guide to reliable and secure international online second-hand websites. If you’d like to visit online second-hand stores in Switzerland, check this post. For the list of brick-and-mortar stores in Geneva, click here.


The most famous online platform for luxury second-hand clothes. I tried to purchase clothes via Vestiaire Collective twice but never succeeded because sellers did not update their listing. They sold the clothes somewhere else but kept the listing live. Nevertheless, I got my money back instantly. …

How to Spend Easter During the COVID-19 Pandemic


How to spend the second Easter in a row during the pandemic? If you live in a country going through the third Covid-19 wave, you may feel tired and fed up. And I feel you. But at the same time, if you’re reading this post, you are lucky enough that you have time to browse the net and a computer.

Being stuck at home is not fun, but at least you have a roof over your head. I know that working from home and making sure that kids follow homeschooling is challenging but still, you are …

10 Reliable and Secure Online Second-Hand Stores in Switzerland


In this article, I share a list of reliable and secure online second-hand stores in Switzerland. If you are interested in brick and mortar second-hand stores in Geneva, check this article.

My personal favorite online second-hand store is MyPrivateDressing because I can easily orient myself, the clothes look clean, but it is not cheap. It is an online platform that offers luxury fashion for a more affordable price than if you wanted to buy it new.


The Swiss version of Vestier …