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Surprises and Innovations at Paléo Festival 2022

The Paléo Festival is back. After two years of hiatus, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, its door will open on 19 July 2022. If you are wondering what to expect and what not in 2022, you’re at the right place. Get ready for surprises and innovations at Paléo Festival 2022.

NEW IN 2022



  • The place to be for the lovers of electronic music (techno, deep house, afro-house, electro-pop, reggae-dub). You’ll find it in the area where Les Arches and Le Détour used to be. It is close to the main entrance and the Versus bar – which promises a vibrant atmosphere between the shows. Belleville sounds like a place I will definitely feel a home!

Véga Stage

This new, big scene is named after the shiniest star of the Lyra constellation. It replaces the Arches scene and offers varied music offer. From the sweet reggae of Queen Omega to the flamboyant rock of -M-, you will find something to satisfy your tastes.

Place de l envol-swiss blog-paleo festival nyon-currently wearing

Place de l’Envol

A space to breathe, relax and meet other festival goers. I can’t wait to see it after the sunset as it promises an experience filled with (and full of) light.

Disconnected - HES-SO- Paleo Festival 2022 NYon
Place de l’Envol @paleofestival Nyon 2022

Sphère Mobilière

A little bubble not far from the Véga Stage that offers a musical and visual 360-degree experience. Get ready for a unique, 10-minute journey in space and time. Just sit/or lay down and relax. I am sure this novelty will be popular among festival goers so expect 20 minutes waiting time!



This year, 90 students of HES-SO (Haute école Spécialisée Suisse) created a breathtaking, weaved honeycomb structure. A space where the students of Music and Stage Art will offer musical and art performances to the public.

HES-SO (dis)connected honeycomb structure @paleofestival 2022.

Le Village du Monde

Get ready for the best in music and food from West Africa! I can’t wait to discover and celebrate the cultural richness of this region—metal from Togo, electro-music from Senegal to hip-hop, and influences of Saharian high-life and blues. Besides Belleville, Le Village du Monde 2022 promises an unforgettable experience.


  • Cashless system – say goodbye to cash! In 2022, you can pay by a card (credit or debit) or via a phone app (as TWINT). You can also exchange cash for a pre-paid card at all sale points at the Festival.
  • Web platform for those who are looking for accommodation in the vicinity of the Festival.
  • Tickets are available on the app Paléo tickets.
Dish collection-swiss blog-currently wearing-paleo festival nyon
One of many dish collection stands @paleofestival Nyon 2022. This year, washable cutlery and dishes are available for a small fee that you’ll receive back when you bring them back. Afterward, you’ll bring dirty dishes to a dish collection stand which will wash them, and give you back the consignment fee. You can also bring your own reusable dishes/ glasses and cutlery if you prefer.

So what do you think about the surprises and innovations at Paléo Festival 2022? In my next article, I will focus on sustainable initiatives at Paléo Festival in 2022.

Btw, did you know that the fastest and most eco-friendly way of getting to the festival is via public transport? In Nyon, hop on the train direction St. Cergue, and get off at L’Asse stop. It is a 5-minutes walk to the main entrance.

Have an amazing time and stay safe!