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Announcement: I Took Part in Dream Big Campaign

The Body Shop Switzerland Campaign_Dream Big Campaign_Currently wearing_Swiss Blog

I am super excited to share with you that I took part in a fantastic Dream Big Campaign that The Body Shop Switzerland has just launched for Christmas.

Have you ever felt that you do not belong in your environment? Have you ever thought that if only you could change the way you look or where you come from, you’d be accepted by those around you?

When I was growing up in the Czech Republic, I was the only black child in my family, at school, and in my neighborhood. I felt different, ugly, unlovable and excluded. I felt that no one wanted to be my friend because I was in the “loser” category.

I managed to overcome these feelings when I studied abroad and met people who looked the same, who loved and accepted themselves. Meeting and getting to know them helped me realize that I am lovable, and perfect the way I was born. I believe we are all born for a reason. We have a purpose. If we all looked the same, society would remain stagnant, and the whole world would be boring. Being different makes us grow, open our minds and become more flexible because we need to adjust the way we think.

When you look at Switzerland, you may be thinking that it’s a land of ” happily ever after.” But it’s only a country created by people. And as anywhere else around the world, people experience challenges and inequalities.

And that’s why I was touched when The Body Shop Switzerland reached out to me. The intention of the Dream Big campaign is to inspire people who may be going through a difficult time and help them realize that no matter where they are or what they are going through, they can make their dreams come true.

I have already worked with the Body Shop Switzerland on several projects and I love their holistic and people-centered approach. I also like that their products are not tested on animals, that they support the development of small, local communities and women in under-developed countries but also started implementing strategies to reduce plastic imprint and natural ingredients.

Dream Big Switzerland tells the stories and dreams as well as the troubled journeys of 10 people living here in Switzerland. It also portrays organizations that provide valuable support to those who are going through difficult times.

P.S. if you speak German, my friend Katrin has covered the campaign on her blog SONRISA as well.