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Club Med Les Arcs Panorama- Perfect Resort For Families

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Club Med Les Arcs Panorama resort was inaugurated in December 2018. It’s a 4-/5-Trident resort in French Savoy Alps which will operate during both winter and summer season.

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Most of the rooms are 4-trident level but if you desire more privacy (the resort’s capacity is over 1000 visitors), personalized service and luxury, opt for accommodation in a 5-Trident Le Belvédère  space, that offers 24 suites located on the top of the building. With private concierge, living area, bar, and jacuzzi on a private terrace, all you need to worry about is good weather to enjoy the breathtaking mountain views.

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Club Med Les Arcs Panorama is perfect for families- there are four different levels of daycare for children from 4 months of age to 17 years. One of the restaurants is dedicated to families, the rooms are spacious and equipped for children (changing pad, baby bathtub, baby cot, a bin for nappies and bottle warmer). There is even a restaurant where children can cook alongside parents. If you’re not big on winter sports, you can rest in the spa, by the pool, go to a gym or relax during a session of yoga.

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Besides Les Arcs Panorama, I have visited two other Club Med Resorts ( Club Med La Plantation d’Albion and Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon). I enjoyed the hospitality, kindness of the G.O.s (organizers) and smooth experience but seeing the size of the resorts, I couldn’t help but wonder about their environmental impact. Can a large resort be environmentally friendly? What is its impact on the hosting country?

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Club Med (originally Club Méditerranée) was created in 1950. It specializes in an all-inclusive holiday, and the last years the group focused on private and affordable luxury holidays.

I decided to have a little chat with Club Med Switzerland representatives, and after reading their Sustainability Report, I was happy to learn that:

  • 75% of Club Med Resorts are Green Globe certified for sustainable tourism- which means that water, paper, food, and energy consumption is managed sustainably and fossil fuel consumption is being continually reduced.
  • They are pioneers in eco-construction of the resorts which includes protection of biodiversity and eco-certification of projects under construction.
  • 43% of resorts are free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. For example two of their resorts use plants to clean pools naturally.
  • Food waste: only 101g of food waste per meal/person (impressive, considering the sumptuous buffet offers).
  • In 4 and 5-Tridents family resorts, Club Med offers programs aimed at food, nature and cultural sensibilization of children.
  • And last but not least, Club Med encourages its suppliers to adhere to their ethical code of conduct. I like this point. I think it is essential to be an example and leader in the industry but also to push others to do the same.
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