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Are you looking for a special present? What about choosing an ethical gift that will make the lucky one touched by your thoughtfulness? Do you think that it is difficult to choose a gift that was made consciously? I find that it is quite easy. All you need to know is what would make the person happy- accessories, clothes or cosmetics? In this article you will find brands whose products I use myself and that I can recommend with clear conscience. I hope it will help you to choose.

  1. TOYS: Parcel & Journey via My Maracuja.

ethical gifts

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If you are looking for a gift for a child, you may fall in love with these handcrafted, cashmere toys from Nepal. Why do I like them? They are super soft, cute and much more nicer (and friendlier to environment) than all those plastic toys that you can find in the stores.

2. ACCESSORIES: Royal Blush.


One of my most favorite brands that creates ethical accessories is Royal Blush. I have one of their bracelets, Weber Chunky One, and it is one of those pieces that always stands out and draws attention. It is made from vegetable tanned calf leather and organic salmon skin. Why do I love their bracelets? Because they are simple, original and beautiful.

3. COSMETICS:  Melvita, Dr. Hauschka  or Burt’s Bees.


ethical gift

I started using Melvita products this year and besides Dr. Hauschka, it is currently my most favorite cosmetics company.

Cleaners & Toners:  I have a great experience with Dr. Hauschka’s Cleansing Cream. It is a thick paste that thoroughly cleans your pores and leaves your skin soft and clean. I also like Gentle Cleansing Jelly (combination of moisturizing rose floral water and skin-softening orange blossom floral water) that leaves my skin soft and plump.

Creams: Dr. Hauschka’ Rose Cream leaves your skin perfectly nourished, soft and smelling like a rose. I would love to try The Nectar Supreme Cream from Melvita which is a new product. I have not seen it in the stores yet.

If you decide to use Dr. Hauschka’s products, you should consult your skin care with their trained  specialist. Why? They will recommend the right products for your skin and advice how to use them. For example, the thick Cleansing Cream is gently pressed onto skin before being washed off.

Bath oils:  A great idea for a Christmas gift. I love this Lavender foaming bath from L’Occitane for its amazing scent and relaxing qualities. You just want to curl in bed and sleep afterwards. Now, when I can not take hot baths (not recommended in pregnancy), I use Almond Soothing Body Wash from Dr. Hauschka- if you love almonds and avocados, you will fall in love with it because it contains oils from both.

Hair:  If your budget is limited, I would recommend hair products from Burt’s Bees. I love their Baobab Shampoo and conditioner.

In the past, I also tried natural cosmetics from Weleda and Lavera. They are both of a great quality but as I said, skin care is personal and my skin did not react to them as well as to those brands that I mentioned earlier.

4. FASHION: As far as fashion is concerned, there are many brands that make ethical and sustainable clothes. I love Atelier Laure Paschoud the most.

Atelier Laure Paschoud: Swiss Fashion blog

dress_laure paschoud


Atelier Laure Paschoud is a Swiss fashion brand that I love for several reasons. I really like the designer, Laure, who is a sweet and kind person. And I love her clothes because they are original and fit  my body type.

So this is a roundup of my favorite brands. Which ethical or sustainable brands do you like? Will you get your Christmas gifts from them? I look forward to reading your answers.

Have a happy weekend!



  • Amanda Brezovsky

    This was a great post Miri! I have to admit that I don’t always look to seeif something js environmentally friendly. You definitely inspired me!

  • Shoshana

    I find that it can be a little challenging. Or shall I say time consuming to find consciously made products. Maybe it’s because I’m not that good at being conscious myself. I have a friend who only uses environmentally conscious products. I have to make note of that when adding her name to my gift giving lift. It takes a little bit more work but it helps to educate me, make me more aware and frankly she’s worth to effort.

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