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What’s Your Biggest Beauty Secret? Sheet masks!


currently wearing presents_swiss blog_sheet masks_korean beautyTomorrow is my big birthday. YAY!!! I started writing a special post, dedicated to life after forty and as I am still working on it, I can’t promise it’ll be ready for tomorrow. So in order to share with you something that IS dear to me, I will talk about my favorite beauty hack of late:

sheet masks!

Now, you may have heard of K-beauty (Korean beauty) products and its benefits. And while I don’t know what it is that makes them so perfect, I swear by them. Especially by sheet masks and hydrating creams. You can find good shoot masks in Sephora or from luxury brands, such as La Mer, but the brand that I love the most is Etude House. I get the masks directly from South Korea or the Philippines. But if you’re not planning to visit Asia in near future, check the internet. You can find great K-beauty brands on Amazon.

There are a few things I have to mention, to be honest:

  • There are various brands= variable quality and result.
  • Look for sheet masks that are thin- the best sheet masks, that I have tried, use very thin sheets (as thin as 0,2 mm).
  • You may need to kiss many frogs before you find your prince. I tried many sheet masks and always come back to Etude House.

Why are sheet masks so popular?
Because they deliver immediate moisture to your skin. They make your skin soft, plump and anew. When your face is dry and flakey, using a sheet mask will make wonders. It’s the best discovery since I’m really trying not to say sliced bread… I mean, you have to try it out and see for yourself. I even stopped going to a spa as one sheet mask makes my skin look better than a 90-minute facial.

Watch my video below to find out for yourself!

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