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Becca Has Arrived to Sephora in Manor


greenery top_tallis St. Moritz_ethical fur greenery top_tallis St. Moritz_ethical fur Becca Cosmetics_Sephora Manor_currently wearinggreenery top_tallis St. Moritz_ethical furgreenery top_tallis St. Moritz_ethical furgreenery top_tallis St. Moritz_ethical furA few weeks ago I was invited to an intimate evening organized by Sephora to celebrate the launch of BECCA in Switzerland.

We got to know Global Style Director for BECCA Cosmetics Kerry and a makeup artist Elenni. They flew in from New York to share with us their tips and tricks. We talked about beauty, makeup artists who rule social media, our personal lives and anything in between. They were really enchanting and I fell in love with BECCA’s story and people behind it.

If you are asking what makes BECCA unique it is that there is not one BECCA beauty. It does not matter what age you are, what is your skin color or what you do for a living. If you have no time to spare, check out Kerry’s one-minute videos on Instagram (@kerrycole15). You’ll learn a lot and get hooked as well.

I loved the way that Kerri and Elenni easily navigated through the various topic. It was natural and relaxed. They were so open and friendly that it made me think of a parable between coconuts and peaches. Now you are probably thinking that I am going bananas but let me finish…

Once I read that based on the way you approach people, you are either a coconut or a peach.

For example, the Swiss are more like a coconut. Hard on the outside but soft on the inside. It takes longer to become friends but when you do, your friendship lasts forever. Americans and Latin Americans, on the other hand, are like a peach- they tend to be friendly and open when they meet someone new but the relationship does not necessarily last. What do you think? Are you more like a coconut or a peach? Or is it just an archaic generalization that has nothing to do with reality?

Becca Cosmetics/ currently wearingBecca Cosmetics/ currently wearing

If you are wondering what BECCA products I am currently using, here they are:

Under Eye Brightening Corrector– a must-have for new moms who don’t get enough sleep. I put on a foundation, this brightening corrector, than my “regular” corrector and at the end a concealer. It makes a huge difference. I don’t look tired and dark circles are less visible.

The One Perfecting Brush – its bristles are made of cashmere. It is no-porous= product does not get absorbed. You can use it to apply make up, powder, blush or anything else you like. It also saves your money. Instead of 10 different brushes and tools, you can use just this one brush. The one perfecting brush_cashmere hair_Becca brush

Backlight Priming Filter – I like to use it for photo shoots. Unlike other primers that I used before, this one makes my skin more radiant. Backlight Priming Filter/ BECCA

Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter – A best-selling creamy highlighter powder. Lightens up your features with a high-shine finish. Use with caution otherwise you will shine bright like a diamond, as Rihanna would say. Perfect for photo shoots. shimmering skin perfector pressed c-pop/ Becca/ currently wearing

And now some secrets from Kerry:

  • If you have a pimple, break an egg and take out the white, thick membrane that is attached to the egg shell. Put it on the zit and when you wake up, it will be gone.
  • To keep your skin healthy and moist when you travel, get a travel size humidifier. Kerry travels 90% of her time and her skin is perfect. She inspired me so much that I decided to get a travel size humidifier for our upcoming trips to Costa Rica and Mexico. You can use it on the plane or in your hotel room when you sleep.


Missguided green sweatshirt, Next jeans (similar from LTB) , River Island heels (sold out, love these as well), Tallis ethical fur, Dior sunglasses (similar from ALDO) and Chanel Boy handbag.

Photos by Alexander Ramp.

As of March you can find BECCA in Sephora in Manor or get it online on If you live abroad, visit Sephora’s website or check international stockists.


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