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How to Choose Organic, Clean, or Natural Face Masks


How often do you apply a face mask at home? Which face masks are your favorite?

In this article, I share my three favorite organic, clean, or natural face masks of the moment.

I must admit that I started using face masks regularly after I turned forty. Before, I did not feel the need to make an extra effort.

I don’t know what happened right now my skin is much dryer and prone to acne than ever. And nourishing face masks, when I use them regularly, make a huge difference.

How to Calculate Your Fashion Footprint Easily

Since thredUP is one of the clothes re-selling platforms that I like, I was excited to discover their fashion footprint calculator. And what you need to do to calculate your fashion footprint?

Go to and answer 11 simple questions (which will take you about 5 minutes). After you receive your results, you can find out how to reduce your fashion footprint in 12 steps.

I was happy to see that my fashion footprint is low but even I could get better. And to be honest, I know well what …

How To Celebrate Earth Day 2021 Sustainably

Do you know what day it is today? Earth Day! If you wonder how to celebrate Earth Day 2021 from the comfort of your couch, continue reading.

Photos credit: Alexander Ramp


If you are ready to reduce the amount of meat you eat, watch some inspiring food documentaries. There are countless on YouTube and Netflix, but I especially enjoyed Forks over Knives and Gamechangers.

Although I know that being vegan is the most sustainable way of eating, I am not vegan nor …

How to Choose Sustainable Chic Sweaters This Spring

I am wearing organic cotton jeans by Esprit, a recycled cashmere beret from Swiss sustainable brand Tallis, a wool sweater with recycled fibers from Marc’O Polo, an organic cotton rollneck, and vintage Gucci sneakers.

As the weather starts getting warmer, I thought we could quickly look at how to choose sustainable chic sweaters this spring.


Look for a light, breathable material such as linen, organic cotton, and silk. Avoid …

What to read and watch in April: Slow Living


A breath-taking documentary about the impact of the fishing industry on the oceans. It is not light to watch, but you should definitely see it if you believe that we live in climate emergency times. I have always been doubtful about the fish certifying schemes such as MSC or Safe Dolphins, and this documentary only confirmed my worries.

At the same time, I am not 100% sure if going vegan will solve a problem created by overfishing. I am afraid that unless humanity changes and stops seeing itself as superior to nature and …