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How to Choose The Right Compost Bin For Your Apartment

Do you have a compost bin? I noticed that it is much easier to compost if you live in a house and have a garden. You can create a compost area somewhere in the far corner and let worms do their work. But if you live in an apartment, composting gets more complicated. So how to find the right compost bin for your apartment?

First tip: ask around. Because even if the brand swears that their compost bin does not smell, beware. Read independent reviews, and check what your friends and neighbors are using. But most importantly, assess …

How to Update Your Minimal Spring Capsule Wardrobe

This spring has been icy and rainy in Switzerland. It does not feel like summer will ever come, and I have lacked inspiration when dressing up. And not only because I have been working from home due to COVID-19. During quarantine, I put on weight and did not feel comfortable in my body. Secondly, I outgrew my style. I turned 42 but kept wearing clothes that did not flatter me. And although I love shopping at second-hand stores, I could not find anything that would make me feel pretty. For all these reasons, I decided to update my minimal spring …

How Can Regular Dry Brushing Improve Your Life


Have you ever heard of dry brushing? And if yes, how often do you use your dry brush? I got my first one seven years ago because I wanted to get rid of dry skin. But as it was too harsh, I did not use it regularly.

Last week I watched Gwyneth Paltrow’s beauty tips on Vogue. In the video, Gwyneth shared her beauty and wellness tips. Although she is seen by some as detached from reality, I like her. She looks natural, her skin is clean and not plastered with make-up, and she looks like …

Three reasons why you should never buy polyester clothes

Did you know that polyester is the most widely used fiber in the fashion industry? This cheap fabric has become popular with the rise of fast fashion brands. It seems to be the perfect material, and right now, you’ll find many summer garments made of it. But in this article, I will give you three reasons why you should never buy polyester clothes anymore.

POLYESTER is a light fabric that, unlike linen, doesn’t crease. Because it is light and flowy, it is often used for summer blouses and dresses. As great as it may sound, polyester …

How to Choose Organic, Clean, or Natural Face Masks


How often do you apply a face mask at home? Which face masks are your favorite?

In this article, I share my three favorite organic, clean, or natural face masks of the moment.

I must admit that I started using face masks regularly after I turned forty. Before, I did not feel the need to make an extra effort.

I don’t know what happened right now my skin is much dryer and prone to acne than ever. And nourishing face masks, when I use them regularly, make a huge difference.