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How To Choose Sustainable Jeans in 2020?

Where to find sustainable jeans? What makes a pair of jeans sustainable? Today, I will give you a few tips and tricks on how to choose sustainable jeans without breaking your budget.

Why am I talking about sustainable jeans? Does it mean that your favorite Levi’s are not sustainable?

Did you know that it takes 10,000 liters of water to make a single pair of jeans? Denim is cotton, which is a thirsty crop that requires a lot of water and pesticides to grow. In order to get the right color, the jeans are …

A Quick, Online Survey On Sustainable and Zero-Waste Living – Your Successes and Challenges

Hi everyone,

Today, I would like to ask you a favor. I created an online survey on sustainable and zero-waste living. Could you please take it?

It is anonymous and it will take you about 20 minutes to complete. Just follow this link:

I want to better understand how you feel about living more sustainably. What are your struggles and challenges? Or is living more eco-consciously easy for you? Let me know in the survey.

Thank you in advance.



How To Get Healthier Skin and Improve Bone and Joint Health with Formettā Collagen Supplement


Today I feel super excited because I received my Formettā Collagen Supplement. It was out-of-stock for several months – which I guess is one of the signs that it is a product worth trying.

photo credit: Formettā

In fact, I was looking for the right collagen supplement for months. I have heard a lot about its benefits: it is supposed to help you gain healthier, and younger-looking skin, stronger nails, and hair, and improve the health of your bones and joints.

I discovered Formettā a few months ago through my lovely …

5 Tips on How To Celebrate Halloween in 2020 With Natural Beauty Products

In this article, I share 5 tips on how to celebrate Halloween in 2020 with natural beauty products that you can find in Switzerland. Because of COVID-19, many of you are most likely, spend Halloween as you are used to. Instead of accompanying your children to trick & treat, you can focus on yourself. Take a long bath with a fizzy bath bomb or relaxing bath salts. Or you can try one of the natural beauty brands I mention in this article.

There are several brands that I like, and LUSH is one of them. Although some may …

What To Expect When You Want To Buy New Clothes

Is being eco-conscious and fashionable mutually exclusive? If you are wondering, what to expect when you want to buy new clothes as an eco-conscious consumer, you are on the right page.

My first advice, if you decide to be more eco-conscious or sustainable when it comes to fashion, is to be reasonable. Don’t make hasty decisions such as: “I will never buy new clothes in Zara.” The intention is great but if one day you visit the store with friends and buy something, you will feel bad later.

As you know, I don’t like H&M …

How to Practice Slow Living, Give Up Social Media and Embrace Uncertainty

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I became increasingly absent in recent months. There are several reasons for that, the main I read some articles on how to practice slow living. That helped me realize that social media made me anxious. Instead of happy and connected I felt alone and like a loser. I compared my life to other people’s highlight reels. And the grass seemed greener on the other side.

I used to spend up to three hours per day liking, commenting, and engaging with my audience. As long as I …

What Is The Environmental Impact Of A Toilet Paper Roll? How to Clean Your Butt More Sustainably

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of toilet paper? I didn’t until I read this report.

But before we get to that, let me tell you a bit about my relationship with toilet paper. I grew up in a communist country where we used to use harsh, one-ply, recycled toilet paper. It felt like sandpaper and gave us hemorrhoids.

I discovered soft, crisp white, flower-scented, four-ply, extra-soft toilet paper in my twenties when I studied abroad. And wet wipes through a friend who worked for P&G. It was such a huge …

How To Build A Capsule Closet? The Importance of Wardrobe Inventory

In this video, I will show you how to make a wardrobe inventory and why it is important when you are building your capsule wardrobe.

What is a wardrobe inventory? In essence, it means that you write down everything that is in your closet. Why? Because before you start building your capsule wardrobe it is important to know what is already in your closet.

And what is a capsule wardrobe? A handful of pieces that you can wear anytime, that suit you and that reflects who you are. Clothes that don’t …

Is H&M Sustainable? How to Understand Their Eco-Conscious Line

As much as I don’t like fast fashion brands, I have to admit that I buy clothes for my daughter in H&M. Not all the time but usually, when the season changes, she grows up or needs specific clothes for school. Last weekend I was surprised to find many children’s and women’s clothes made of recycled polyester, recycled cotton, or Lenzing™ Ecovero™ fibers. I couldn’t help but wonder: is H&M sustainable now?

source: H&M

Before we get to it, I want to clarify that this article does not promote H&M. Nor do …

Do you Know How To Start Including Zero-Waste Ideas in Your Life? 10 realistic tips concerning FOOD

In this article, I will give you 10 realistic, food-related on how to start including zero-waste ideas in your life.


Zero-waste is a worldwide movement of people who are committed to generating as little waste as possible. Alex and I started our low-waste journey two years ago. We have made some significant changes when it comes to the way we shop. I learned that it is easier to start small. Instead of drastically changing the way you live, sit down, and think about which areas you are comfortable tackling first.


Firstly, my …


Are you happy that autumn is just around the corner? I was not very excited about it a few weeks ago but once the leaves started changing colors, I warmed up to it. And as I started getting my closet ready for fall, I decided to share five tips on how to transition your capsule wardrobe to fall.


  1. Don’t buy new clothes. Instead, “shop your closet.” Look for clothes that you can use for layering (such as t-shirts) or cover up when the …

How to Become Carbon Neutral Human? Visit Mindful Mission

A few weeks ago I discovered an amazing platform that helps you calculate your carbon footprint and become carbon neutral human.


By offsetting your carbon emissions through a monthly subscription.

The monthly contribution that you make supports three climate protection projects (in India, Bangladesh, and Peru).

It is a simple process. Al you need to do is undertake a 10-minute questionnaire, wait for the results and offset your carbon emissions via monthly subscription.

My carbon footprint in August 2020

Firstly, I was shocked by how high …

Do You Know How To Upgrade Old Clothes In A Few Seconds? Upcycling with Miele

What do you with your old clothes? Do you toss them in a bin (and let them rot in a landfill) or leave them in a charity collection bin? What if you chose the third option = upcycling? In this article, I will show you how to upgrade old clothes with iron-on transfers from Miele.

Miele is an independent, family-owned company (established in 1899) manufacturing premium quality appliances for domestic and professional use. Its focus on durability, energy efficiency, performance, ease of use, design, and service makes it one of the most sought-after brands.

A Simple Guide to Eco Life That Anyone Can Follow

A few months ago one of my favorite sustainable Swiss fashion brands Tallis published their Eco Wardrobe Online Guide. This simple guide to eco life is well organized and easy to follow. It is also full of actionable steps, articles, short podcasts, and video tutorials.

When You Purchase This Guide, You will learn how to:

  • de-carbon your wardrobe,
  • take better care of your clothes,
  • make sustainable choices when you shop for new clothes,
  • dispose of your old clothes in a …

Do You Know How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check? 3 Tips That Keep Me Sane


How to keep your mental health in check? As a part of sustainable living, taking care of your mental health is essential. Here are some tips on how I keep my mental state at bay:


The Power of Now changed my life. I read it the first time in 2011 when I was going through a divorce. In fact, the book found me. I was in New York with a girlfriend and ended up going to a bookstore. I was aimlessly walking around until I stopped in front of a stand …