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What’s New In Swiss Fashion? Mode Suisse Edition 14 Report


Shortened official press release:

The 14th edition of Swiss fashion platform Mode Suisse took place in Zurich on 3 September 2018. Three identical catwalk shows were followed by individual showroom presentations which allowed the designers to expand their network and clientele. 

Mode Suisse Edition 14 featured designers:

Can Green Smoothies Make You Healthy and Happy?


What do you think about green smoothies?

In this interview, I talk with Judy, the founder of bon Ju about:

  • The benefits of green smoothies when it comes to a healthy body and happy mind.
  • How to drink smoothies correctly (so that you’re not feeling hungry right after you finish it).
  • How to make it work as an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and a friend.
  • Why bon Ju joined the fight against childhood cancer and how you can help.

Four Music Bands That You Should Check Out This Summer


I’m still reeling from getting the opportunity to interview several well-known and up-and-coming musicians and bands. I didn’t even believe we would be able to meet so many inspiring, positive and well-meaning artists. I felt that all those who gave us an interview were thinking like us: they all want to make the World a better place by creating art that will improve people’s lives.

And as Mario Batkovic said: “I am a vehicle for music. Music comes through me and I use the instrument to transmit what I am receiving.” So here is our second video that we recorded with Mario Batkovic (Accordion), Luca Bassanese (Pop-Folk), Swiss-German rap band S.O.S. and Diron Animal who created his own style “Rockuduro”.

Watch our first video HERE.

When Life Serves You Lemons … With Silke Pan


Silke Pan turned adversities (an uneasy family situation during her childhood, an eating disorder, and a fall that bound her to a wheelchair) to her advantage.

While in the hospital, Silke bought her first handbike. Six years later she created a world record in a handbike marathon and became a world vice-champion. This summer she accomplished “Raid Pyrénéen” an 800 km long track through the Pyrénées mountains in France.

As if that was not enough, she became “Certified Balloon Artist” and together with her husband created the World’s largest balloon labyrinth in Allaman, Switzerland (in 2016).

This year Silke published her first book “A la conquête de nouveaux sommets” (Conquering New Heights) which is available in Payot libraries in French.

Reggae, Hip-Hop and Beatboxing – Paléo Festival Nyon 2018


I am not going to lie. Saying goodbye to the 43rd edition of the Paléo Festival Nyon was hard.

Depeche Mode opened the festival with an amazing show on the first night, and it didn’t stop there. Gorillaz and Lenny Kravitz didn’t disappoint either. Performance of MGMT, OrelSan, Bigflo & Oli, and Jain exceeded my expectations and when it comes to a dance music, it was Feder’s deep house that kept us dancing into wee hours.

Here is the first video that we recorded with Jahneration (reggae music), Nomadic Massive (multicultural and multilingual collective made of MCs who perform a mix of rap, reggae, and hip-hop), Muthoni Drummer Queen (hip-hop), and SARO (beatbox loopstation).