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Is Pilates The Way To Healthy Mind and Body?


Who hasn’t heard that Pilates is the sure way to improve your posture, tone your tummy and cure your back pain?

Before I met Paloma, founder of Paloma Gym, I found Pilates boring. I have been practicing power yoga for many years, and Pilates seemed too slow and without any effect. One of my dreams that never came true was to try Pilates on reformers. I never did because it’s just too expensive. At least in Switzerland. Thus, I continued with yoga hoping that one day I will discover a type of Pilates that will make my body work.

Exclusive Interview With Bastian Baker


I am super happy to share with you our exclusive interview with Bastian Baker. Bastian is a famous Swiss singer who is funny, smart, handsome and still very down-to-earth. We interviewed him at his family home and got the opportunity to meet his parents who are also very nice people. He just finished his new album “Bastian Baker” which got great reviews. We talked about his World Tour with Shania Twain, tips to achieve success, his health routine (watch out-he loves burgers!) and his new album.

Knitting Against Forgetting // Tricotons Contre l’Oubli Avec Pro Senectute


Knitting Against Forgetting:

When I found out that Pro Senectute is launching a new campaign to raise awareness about dementia (and all versions of thereof), I knew I had to support it. My grandmother has suffered from dementia for years and my father-in-law, who passed away a few weeks ago, did too. There are 148,000 people in Switzerland that suffer from dementia and oftentimes, they go unnoticed.

Tricotons contre l’oubli

La Suisse compte plus de 148 000 personnes atteintes de démence, une réalité qui passe souvent inaperçue au quotidien. Ensemble, tricotons contre l’oubli. Tricotez vous aussi ! Vos porte-gobelets seront disponibles à partir du 22 janvier 2019 pour une courte période dans des boulangeries et confiseries aux quatre coins de la Suisse.

Stricken gegen das Vergessen

In der Schweiz leben über 148’000 Menschen mit Demenz – im Alltag oftmals unsichtbar. Gemeinsam stricken wir gegen das Vergessen. Stricken auch Sie mit! Die gestrickten Cupholder werden ab dem 22. Januar 2019 in Bäckereien und Confiserien in der ganzen Schweiz erhältlich sein.

Sferruzziamo contro la smemoratezza

In Svizzera vivono più di 148’000 persone affette da demenza – sovente invisibili nel quotidiano. Sferruzziamo insieme contro la smemoratezza. Fatelo anche voi! Dal 22 gennaio 2019 le vostre fascette saranno disponibili per un breve periodo nelle panetterie e pasticcerie di tutta la Svizzera.