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What Is Trending In Africa? Visit Afrodyssée!

This interview is in English and French/ Cet interview est en anglais et en français.

My biological father was from Guinea. I grew up in the Czech Republic and even if Geneva is a multicultural heaven in comparison to Prague, I still feel that people of African descent are underrepresented in the media. And when they are, oftentimes in a way that creates headlines. So it gives me a lot of pleasure to promote an event that wants to change it.

A few weeks back I sat down with Vincent Jacquemet, founder and artistic director of Afrodyssée and Valérie Helfer – Kessou Wanda,  responsible for Press, PR, and Sponsoring, to talk about the event.

If you want to know what is trending in Africa, then you should not miss this interview.

Paléo Festival Nyon – Entretien avec son fondateur Daniel Rossellat

Cet interview est en français
J’avoue que j’étais impressionnée quand j’ai rencontré Daniel Rossellat,  le fondateur et président du Paléo Festival Nyon, en personne. Tant il est une personne terre-à-terre et naturelle qu’il a du trouver cela hilarant.
Par rapport à Alex, je suis une débutante du Paléo Festival Nyon, mais après avoir y participer ces 5 dernières années, je peux sans hésitation dire que l’été sans Paléo Festival n’est pas un été! Pourquoi? Parce que dès que vous passez le portillon d’entrée, vous vous sentez comme Alice au pays des merveilles. En plus d’une sélection éclectique et soigneusement réfléchie de musique, de nourriture et de décoration, ce sont les gens (visiteurs et bénévoles) qui le rend si spécial.
Cette année, Paléo Festival Nyon fête ses 43 ans avec Depeche Mode, Indochine, The Killers, Lenny Kravitz, Gorillaz et Jain. Les billets seront mis en vente à midi le mercredi 28 mars 2018. Plus d’informations sur
Dans cet interview, vous trouverez:
– Quel chanteur célèbre est sur la « bucket list » de Daniel Rossellat.
– Pourquoi la durabilité et l’écologie sont-elles ancrées dans l’éthique du festival?
– Comment a-t-il réussi à créer une telle fidélité du public ?
– Que conseillerait-il à un entrepreneur débutant?
– Son opinion sur les réseaux sociaux et Internet.
– Ce qui l’aide à rester naturel et vrai.
– Que fait-il une fois que Paléo Festival Nyon ferme ses portes?

Tips For Success with Leticia Martignon


Leticia is a communication strategy and marketing consultant. She works with companies as well as starting entrepreneurs on their communication and branding strategy. I met her last year and her tips and advice have since changed my life. She is energetic, positive, smart and focused. And she is a mother-of-three which gives me no excuse to pity myself when I feel overwhelmed.

So whether you a starting entrepreneur or an established brand that is kind of stuck and unsure which way to go, this interview is exactly for you. In this interview you will learn:

  • The number one mistake that entrepreneurs make.
  • How to make your brand stand out.
  • Why your brand has to correspond to your values and beliefs.
  • How to start a company when you have a limited budget.
  • Why you should learn to delegate.
  • How can “timing yourself” save your time.
  • What is bootstrapping.
  • Why passion and enjoyment are important in order to build and keep a successful business.
  • And much more!

Women in Tech with Stefany Barker


Why is there such a low number of women in tech? Have you ever noticed?

Last week we celebrated International Women’s Day. I believe that it is an important day to celebrate how far we got. On the other hand, when you hear about #MeToo movement, gender pay gap or a low number of women in tech, you can’t help but wonder if we ever reach equality in the foreseeable future.

But let’s remain positive and hopeful. A friend once said that it takes 20 years for a change to happen. it seems long but look at it from a different perspective. It all starts with a single step. Each and every one of us can be a driver of change and that is why I chose Stefany Barker for today’s interview. As a founder of WaaS websites and Girls in Tech – Switzerland she exudes inner strength without losing her femininity. What an inspiration to young girls and women not only in tech.

Connecting and Empowering Women Through MotherStories


Cet interview est en français avec des sous-titres en anglais.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Elsa Gonzalez, founder of MotherStories. Last year she decided to build a platform that would offer information,  sharing, and services dedicated to motherhood pointing out the best that is done in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

She is the prototype of a peaceful warrior. I mean, everytime we meet, she is relaxed and zen. Her warm and soft energy calms you down and it is no surprise that she decided to create a project that will celebrate motherhood.

She inspires me with her vision and altruist motives. And for that reason, I chose her to “open” March series and articles that will be dedicated to women.