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Do you like to travel? We offer women tips and tricks that can help them travel in style.

Where to Stay in Monteverde


When we were planning our trip to and decided to visit Monteverde, a biodiverse, mountainous region of Costa Rica, I was looking for an environmentally-friendly accommodation. There are many hotels and lodges that support sustainable lodging. The offer varies from treetop lodges to eco-friendly boutique hotels.

we selected Senda Monteverde Hotel- a boutique hotel that promised relaxed setting, modern accommodation, open-air porches and views of the Pacific Ocean.

Costa Rica 2019 Diary – Monteverde


Selvatura Park is a nature and adventure park located in Monteverde, Costa Rica. We have visited several natural parks (Arenal Volcano, Irazú Volcano, Poás Volcano, and Manuel Antonio), but the one I was the most excited about was Monte Verde.

We booked our stay in Senda Monteverde Hotel- an upscale boutique hotel that promised relaxed and modern, luxury, open-air porches and views of the Pacific Ocean.

Costa Rica 2019 Diary – Puntarenas

We spent our first week at the beach resort in Puntarenas region. We’ve visited Hotel and Club Punta Leona three times already and it is one of those places that seduce you by its location. In close vicinity, you’ll find the sea, tropical forest, animals and picturesque little houses where you’ll stay during your visit. It’s a four-star accommodation which offers everything you need. We always opt for full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) because we like the food.

Flying Made Easier with JetKids by Stokke BedBox

A few days ago I shared my ten tips to surviving traveling with children. I listed Lego, sketchbook, puzzle, and Play-Doh among others but one thing that really changed the way we travel by plane is JetKids by Stokke BedBox.

It is spacious, multipurpose luggage that your child can sit on or be pulled on it. You can easily store toys inside, and it comes with a little mattress that will turn the plane seat into a bed or longer place (if your child prefers to sit).