Connecting to Our Childhood by Sandra Fazio

As part of our Thoughts series, I would like to share with you articles that made me feel better and come back to the hear & now. Connecting to our Childhood was originally published on Sandra Fazio’s The Conscious Parent Blog. You can learn more about Sandra at the end of this article. So much of who we … Continue Reading

Let Go Of Your Impostor Syndrome

I have been preparing this article for several weeks and in order to see the way we can turn negativity around, I decided to share with you an entry from my diary: Lately I have been bothering my dearest and nearest with my feelings of inadequacy.  Instead of being happy when something good happens to … Continue Reading

Three Tips to Enjoying the Rush by Annette Ebbinghaus

(Tank top: Tao of Sophia, Jeans and Flannel shirt: H&M, Bag: H&M (old collection), Headband from a flea market,  Tie-dye scarf made by my mom, Shoes: Tamaris). Photos by Alexander Ramp As a part of my Thoughts series/categories, I would like to share with you articles that made me feel better or come back to … Continue Reading


 1. Remove toxic people from your perimeter. In other words, choose your friends wisely. I believe that there is good in everyone but some people are just bad for you. Two strikes and you are out. In point of fact, people don’t change. And as painful as it can be, sometimes you just have to … Continue Reading