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How To Survive Holidays With Your Family


I keep analyzing whether I should publish this article or not for a week now but as I want to be honest and reflect what is happening in my life on the blog, I feel like I should share it with you. Since I came back to Geneva, I keep asking myself one thing and one thing only: How to survive holiday with my family next time?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents. I talk to them every other day and we seem to be undestanding each other quite well as long as we are not …

Why Doing A Detox Now Is A Good Idea


When I was in my twenties, I thought that the best time for a detox is before the bikini season or after Christmas. In other words, I understood detox as a quick fix after uncontrolled period of some type of excessive behavior. Eating too much sugar or fatty foods, drinking alcohol or partying until wee hours of the day. Yes, I was very busy in my twenties.

I thought that a detox and fasting were the same. They seemed boring and definitely not fun. Every time I tried to do a detox, even if it was only for …

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby


I really like Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop is one of my favorite websites (Man Repeller being the other one). I like their “Be” section and especially their articles on Postpartum depression and Conscious uncoupling which were instrumental to my own personal growth.

I appreciate and admire that they open topics that other lifestyle websites don’t want to talk about such as sex, monogamy, love and relationships. They have the guts to put themselves out there and stand up to critics, negativity and all internet trolls hiding behind virtual bushes. …

Get Ready For A Nice And Cosy Winter by Fit’n’Tasty

Whether you like it or not, winter is coming and when it does, it will be here to stay. At least until April next year. You can love it, you can hate it, you can acknowledge or ignore it but no matter how you feel about it, it is not going to change much.

This year I decided to change my approach to many things in life- being it my work or my family. No matter how hard and challenging the situation is, I try to find the silver lining.

For example, yesterday I had to …

Connecting to Our Childhood by Sandra Fazio


As part of our Thoughts series, I would like to share with you articles that made me feel better and come back to the hear & now. Connecting to our Childhood was originally published on Sandra Fazio’s The Conscious Parent Blog. You can learn more about Sandra at the end of this article.

So much of who we are and how we show up as adults derives from our childhood and the environment in which we were raised – including but not limited to: our self-beliefs, our behaviors, our …

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