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In this chapter WELLNESS, we talk about many topics such as:

  • mental health
  • physical health
  • fitness
  • motherhood
  • family
  • meditation
  • spirituality
  • mindfulness
  • healthy food and cooking, because they are important to everyone.

What does being well in your mind and body mean to you? How do you keep yourself healthy? Do you believe in regular exercise and what exercise do you practice?

Is meditation your daily practice? Because if you meditate daily, you can live a fuller and rich life. What is mindfulness and how can one practice it? Is spirituality the same as religion?

If I eat healthily, will I live a happier life? Does food have direct impact on your mind?

Wellness is the state of being in good health, both mentally and physically.

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Are You Addicted To Social Media?


How much time do you spend on social media per day? One hour, two or nine? According to the report by Common Sense Media report, teens and tweens spend up to nine hours per day consuming social media.

I may not be a teen nor tween, but in all honesty, I was not any better. I used to spend at least two hours per day liking, commenting, and watching videos of people whose lives I admired or envied.

The more time I spent on social media, the less connected I was …

Unforgettable 44th edition of Paléo Festival Nyon 2019


It’s hard to write about the 44th edition of Paléo Festival Nyon 2019 because:

  1. It’s over (and it makes me sad since the festival week symbolizes holiday, liberty, great vibes, and music),
  2. I don’t want to repeat myself. It was perfect, unforgettable, and full of contrasts (when it comes to music and weather).

For these reasons, I believe it’s better to let the video do the talk.

This year we didn’t do interviews with artists. Instead, we tried to capture the atmosphere, our favorite music artists and interviewed …

Self-Care: Why Should I Care?


What does self-care mean to you? The more people I asked, the wider variety of answers I received. As far as I can say, self-care means taking care of your mind as well as the physical body.

I am not going to go into details since you can find out more in my video, but what I would like to stress is that self-care is about YOU. I am sharing my tips. If different activities make you happy, do them. Self-care is about listening to your intuition, following your heart and being truthful with yourself.

#boyfriend tag – How Well Do You Know Your Partner?


Have you ever tried a couple’s quiz such as #bozfriend tag? I have to say it’s more fun than I expected. And the bonus – you get to know your partner better.

I am curious to see your reactions. I will post one video every week to see if it helps me foster new conversations, create new bonds, and reach more people.

P.S: Next time, Alex and I will try to #Meet My Husband quiz since it may be even more fun than the #boyfriend tag.

What The Heck Does Marriage Have to Do With It?


Marriage is hard work not because you are supposed to be faithful – that comes naturally when you’re married to the right person. Marriage is about non-judgment, being best-friends, companions, and each other’s cheerleaders. It’s about allowing the other to grow and be fulfilled. I think that marriage IS amazing because it’s like an everyday mindfulness practice.

Does Instagram Make You Feel Like a Loser?


If your answer is yes, then you should take an Instagram break and listen to an episode from Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations with Devon Franklin. I am going to be honest, in the last few months, I have felt anger and disappointment towards social media.


Because every time I was on Instagram, I felt like a loser. Seeing other people’s perfect lives and polished photos made me feel inferior. One day, though, I looked at the whole “issue” differently – are those people happy? Is their marriage working? And more importantly, I asked myself why I kept following people that made me feel so bad.

Why I Am Not Enlightened Yet And Don’t Give A Damm


I admit that I am the perfect example of how we misunderstood the meaning of spiritual practice and life itself. I started practicing meditation when I was ten and grew up expecting that if I practice regularly, I will reach enlightenment by the age of forty.

A few months back I had a breakdown. I cried on my friend’s shoulder that I have not reached enlightenment. I was forty and felt like a loser. What I realized several months later, was that enlightenment was not a competitive sport.

Why Should You Listen To Your Intuition Especially If You’re Creative


At first, I wanted to call this “Why You Should Not Listen To The Wolves,” but it felt too stiff. What I noticed lately, is that the more I become self-aware and listen to my intuition, the more I attract people who keep telling me how to grow, build a business, and become successful.

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From Women Survivors To Empowered Women


Thistle Farms is a community of women healing from prostitution, trafficking & addiction.
It includes a two year residential program, social enterprises that employ survivors,
and an education and outreach program for the public. The main motto of Thistle Farms is that
love is the strongest force for change in the world.

Instagram versus Reality in 2018


Ultimately, a blog is an online platform, and Instagram is an app. They can’t replace human interaction and relationships that we build face-to-face. Reality is not as glamorous as a polished Instagram feed, but that’s the only tangible thing we have.

Do You Feel Too Small To Have An Impact?


I spend a lot of my time and energy on creating content. Whether it’s writing blog posts, editing videos and photos, connecting on social media or looking for the right place for a shooting. I learned that creativity helps me being present and feel meaningful. In the past, I wondered if I could really have an impact. Now, having an impact and feeling meaningful are sensitive terms. Pronounce it out loud and people will think that you don’t appreciate having a healthy child and an amazing husband. That’s not that at all.

I am talking about following my inner intuition and doing things for myself, not for other people. As women and mothers, we tend to forget about ourselves. We take care of others, we are soft. We put others first. And as amazing as it is, we also need to do things only for ourselves. Being it going for a walk, having a massage, reading a book, educating ourselves, exercising, learning skills that others may not find useful or going on a spiritual retreat.

If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try to go to bed with a mosquito in the room.

– Annita Roddick


How To Find The Right Partner?


What is the right partner anyway? Is it someone rich, young and handsome? Someone smart, kind and understanding? I used to date many men and to be totally honest (because honesty is all you want), none of them really loved me. And it wasn’t their fault.

Knitting Against Forgetting // Tricotons Contre l’Oubli Avec Pro Senectute


Knitting Against Forgetting:

When I found out that Pro Senectute is launching a new campaign to raise awareness about dementia (and all versions of thereof), I knew I had to support it. My grandmother has suffered from dementia for years and my father-in-law, who passed away a few weeks ago, did too. There are 148,000 people in Switzerland that suffer from dementia and oftentimes, they go unnoticed.

Tricotons contre l’oubli

La Suisse compte plus de 148 000 personnes atteintes de démence, une réalité qui passe souvent inaperçue au quotidien. Ensemble, tricotons contre l’oubli. Tricotez vous aussi ! Vos porte-gobelets seront disponibles à partir du 22 janvier 2019 pour une courte période dans des boulangeries et confiseries aux quatre coins de la Suisse.

Stricken gegen das Vergessen

In der Schweiz leben über 148’000 Menschen mit Demenz – im Alltag oftmals unsichtbar. Gemeinsam stricken wir gegen das Vergessen. Stricken auch Sie mit! Die gestrickten Cupholder werden ab dem 22. Januar 2019 in Bäckereien und Confiserien in der ganzen Schweiz erhältlich sein.

Sferruzziamo contro la smemoratezza

In Svizzera vivono più di 148’000 persone affette da demenza – sovente invisibili nel quotidiano. Sferruzziamo insieme contro la smemoratezza. Fatelo anche voi! Dal 22 gennaio 2019 le vostre fascette saranno disponibili per un breve periodo nelle panetterie e pasticcerie di tutta la Svizzera.

Can Green Smoothies Make You Healthy and Happy?


What do you think about green smoothies?

In this interview, I talk with Judy, the founder of bon Ju about:

  • The benefits of green smoothies when it comes to a healthy body and happy mind.
  • How to drink smoothies correctly (so that you’re not feeling hungry right after you finish it).
  • How to make it work as an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and a friend.
  • Why bon Ju joined the fight against childhood cancer and how you can help.

How To Find Meaning In Death


In order to “progress” in life, people forget how finite their life is. We believe that getting the house, the car, the position we covet, will make us happy. I love my husband and my daughter and at the same time, I now that one day that will all be gone. It’s the fact. There is nothing I can do about it. Everything that was created is impermanent. I believe it’s good to be aware of it.

If you think about death as a fact of life, you may learn to enjoy every moment you get. Not to expect that things will stay the way they are. What’s conditioned will change. Life is like a river, it’s a flow. And we’re like a boat that has to follow it. You may not like it. You may not agree with it. And yet, all you can do is accept it. And the sooner you’ll do that, the sooner you’ll profit from the moment that’s just in front of you.