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In this chapter SELF-LOVE, we talk about many topics such as:

the importance of self-love, self-respect, taking care of your mental health,
physical health, about the motherhood, family, meditation, spirituality,
mindfulness, and the negative influence of social media. What does being well in your mind and body mean to you?

Is meditation your daily practice? Because if you meditate daily, you can live a fuller and rich life. What is mindfulness and how can one practice it?

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How To Let Go of Fears, Anxiety, and Worries – Written Meditation


Today, I want to introduce you to a practice that will help you let go of fears, anxiety, and worries. It is called an inquiry, a written meditation, and was developed by Byron Katie. I attended one of her meditation retreats in Germany and the whole experience totally changed my life.

If you find guided meditations challenging, written meditation will be right for you. It can help you when you struggle with negative emotions and attacking thoughts.

This practice takes about 10 to 20 minutes, it is …

Make 2020 your breakout year


I believe that the new year brings not only new beginnings but also new opportunities and I want to give you 3 tips to start this new year the best. 

Do you want to make 20200 your breakout year? Then start with cleaning your space.

I always start by saying goodbye to things I don’t use, clothes I don’t wear and shoes that don’t fit. I organize my closet so that it’s easy for me to find what I need when I am half asleep and getting ready for work early …

How To Spend Christmas Season in Peace?


Is it even possible to spend the Christmas season in peace? Have you noticed that while nature goes to sleep in winter, we tend to do the opposite? Instead of slowing down and reflect on the past year that went by so fast, we focus on making Christmas perfect, which makes the whole run-up to Christmas Day more stressful.  

In this video, I aim to offer you a moment of peace after a busy day. Especially now, during the Christmas season, we have to pay more attention to ourselves. You can also see my favorite products from Lush …

Sound Bath Will Heal Your Body and Mind | Crystal bowls


Have you ever heard about the healing sound of crystal bowls? When a girlfriend of mine mentioned that she attended a sound bath, I didn’t know what to think about it.

I remembered my mom talking about Tibetan singing bowls, which are supposed to have a beneficial effect on our health. They are made of seven metals: a bronze alloy containing copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver, gold, and nickel. I remember them from the time when I was practicing Vajrayana Buddhism.

But my friend talked about crystal bowls. Singing …

What Is Your Relationship With Coffee?


What is your relationship with coffee? How many cups per day do you drink?

Until recently, I used to drink three cups of coffee per day. In the beginning, I believed that coffee gave me energy. But over time, I realized that I felt the same no matter whether I drank coffee or not.

When I decided to tackle my addiction to social media, I decided to take a break from coffee as well.

You can learn about my social media detox in a video that I made about it.