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In Sustainable Living, we share tips, trick, and ideas on:

  • what it means to be sustainable, ethical.
  • why we decided to support fair trade companies and brands.
  • how to be sustainable without being an aggressive eco-warrior
  • how to start incorporating zero-waste ideas in your life.
  • we also cover topics such as living sustainably as a family
  • how to shop in zero-waste stores
  • zero-waste products once should get as a beginner
  • zero-waste lifestyle
  • what is slow living?

I share our experience as a family, what products I found helpful when our daughter was growing up. We also talk about other, family-related content.

In this category, we also talk about motherhood:

  • I share my experience with motherhood, post-natal depression, pregnancy,
  • and other motherhood-related topics.

You can find out more about how you can improve your life and be more sustainable.

Make the most of our priceless tips and tricks.

What Makes Turrialba Region in Costa Rica Special?

If you like nature, hiking, and peace, the Turrialba region in Costa Rica is perfect for you. We chose this region because every time we visit Costa Rica, we go to see a different volcano. And Turrialba volcano has been on our list for some time.

Let’s start with Turrialba city. It is a small town in the Cartago Province of Costa Rica. It lies 53 km east of the capital San Jose. Even though it seems relatively close, it took us two hours to drive there because of the …


In this video, I will share with you three tips on how to find true love and how you can do the same.

1. My first advice is to “get real”. Stop looking for perfection.
As the most popular accounts on social media feature perfect people, one can’t be surprised that we consider normal choosing our dates by swiping right or left based on physical appearance.

I can’t help but wonder how it influences the young and restless generation. I know several men in their forties who have been looking for the woman …

January Update – Costa Rica & New Videos


Hi everyone,

As we’ve been traveling in Costa Rica, I didn’t have much time to write a full blog post. I will get back to the full swing in February. For now, I would like to share with you videos that I have published in January and you may have not seen yet.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful last week of January!



Make 2020 your breakout year


I believe that the new year brings not only new beginnings but also new opportunities and I want to give you 3 tips to start this new year the best. 

Do you want to make 20200 your breakout year? Then start with cleaning your space.

I always start by saying goodbye to things I don’t use, clothes I don’t wear and shoes that don’t fit. I organize my closet so that it’s easy for me to find what I need when I am half asleep and getting ready for work early …

My Zero Waste Products Hits and Misses


Today I want to share with you my favorite zero waste products that I have been using for the past year. I will focus on the zero waste products that work for me. I will also mention some organic beauty brands that are not zero waste, but I use them because they help my skin look and feel healthy and nourished. All organic beauty brands that I use are packaged in glass containers. 

You can see the full list in my zero waste products hits and misses in the video:

  1. Shower gel: instead …

Furoshiki – A Sustainable Alternative to Wrapping Paper


Today, I would like to show you my favorite, sustainable alternative to wrapping paper. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas wrapping paper that glitters and sparkle, but once I found out that it is not possible to recycle it, I decided to look for more sustainable alternatives. At the end of the video, I will show you how you can easily find out if you can recycle your wrapping paper.

One sustainable alternative to a wrapping paper is to reuse small dust bags made of cloth. You can also buy gift bags made of hemp …

How To Spend Christmas Season in Peace?


Is it even possible to spend the Christmas season in peace? Have you noticed that while nature goes to sleep in winter, we tend to do the opposite? Instead of slowing down and reflect on the past year that went by so fast, we focus on making Christmas perfect, which makes the whole run-up to Christmas Day more stressful.  

In this video, I aim to offer you a moment of peace after a busy day. Especially now, during the Christmas season, we have to pay more attention to ourselves. You can also see my favorite products from Lush …

A Place for Every Woman and Mother in Geneva | #herstreet

#herstreet is a network of spaces dedicated to women and mothers.

I like this concept because it really caters to women. There are many coworking places in Geneva but none of them has a play space run by a Montessori trained teacher.

The coworking space is bright and spacious and what makes it unique is that it alternates as a pop-up space where you can meet new, up-and-coming fashion, accessories, and beauty brands.

If you need a break from work, you can grab something health in their cozy …

48 Hours In Berlin | 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin


Several years ago, my friend from high-school and I made a pact that we will once meet somewhere in Europe without our husbands and kids. A few weeks ago, we finally completed the mission. We chose to go to Berlin for a long weekend in November, I was happy to discover that there was the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin.

Monkey Bar at 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

The hotel belongs to the 25hours hotels chain. It is situated right at the footstep of the Berlin Zoo, and …

Have You Carved Your Pumpkin?

Have you a carved a jack-o-lantern pumpkin for Halloween? If you think that it’s too difficult, this article is for you. Personally, I think that you can carve pumpkin anytime, not only for Halloween. It truly looks beautiful when you light it at night and leave it on your porch or balcony.

This year I carved several pumpkins and have to say that it’s much easier than you may think. You can see our artworks in my video about mindful tips for peaceful Halloween. I found many tutorials on YouTube and …

Minimalist Fall – Our Favorite DIY Activities

What to do in the fall when it is cold and raining? Well, you can stay at home and work on some DIY projects. I like DIY activities because it’s not about what you can buy but what you can create with the essential things that you find at home or in nature.

A do-it-yourself project promotes your creativity, is budget-friendly, and trains your focus and attention. I think that it’s one of the best ways to practice mindfulness without spending money. 

Here are some of our favorite, budget-friendly DIY projects that Chloe-Sofia and …

Sound Bath Will Heal Your Body and Mind | Crystal bowls


Have you ever heard about the healing sound of crystal bowls? When a girlfriend of mine mentioned that she attended a sound bath, I didn’t know what to think about it.

I remembered my mom talking about Tibetan singing bowls, which are supposed to have a beneficial effect on our health. They are made of seven metals: a bronze alloy containing copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver, gold, and nickel. I remember them from the time when I was practicing Vajrayana Buddhism.

But my friend talked about crystal bowls. Singing …

What Is Your Relationship With Coffee?


What is your relationship with coffee? How many cups per day do you drink?

Until recently, I used to drink three cups of coffee per day. In the beginning, I believed that coffee gave me energy. But over time, I realized that I felt the same no matter whether I drank coffee or not.

When I decided to tackle my addiction to social media, I decided to take a break from coffee as well.

You can learn about my social media detox in a video that I made about it.

Halloween 2019 – Mindful Tips and Tricks


When it comes to Halloween, most of us automatically think of costumes, trick-or-treating, parties, costumes, and jack-o-lanterns. But there is another, more peaceful and spiritual side to this celebration.

It is believed that it originated from the ancient Celtic harvest festival Samhain.

It is observed every year on the 31 of October, the eve of All Saints’ Day.  

From the spiritual point of view, Halloween is celebrated at the time when days get shorter and the nights get longer. It is the time when the harvest is finished, and everyone is preparing …

Blender = smoothies? Not anymore!


Do you like green or milk-based smoothies? I prefer green smoothies. One green smoothie in the morning = I consumed enough leafy greens for the day.

To achieve the right consistency of your green smoothie, you need to have the right blender. Last year I got myself a Nutribullet. I loved it until it broke down. Correction, I liked the smoothies but didn’t fancy that you had to turn the container upside down to fix it in the blender.

One day, the extractor blade remained stuck in the power base, and as I was …