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In Sustainable Living, we share tips, trick, and ideas on:

  • what it means to be sustainable, ethical.
  • why we decided to support fair trade companies and brands.
  • how to be sustainable without being an aggressive eco-warrior
  • how to start incorporating zero-waste ideas in your life.
  • we also cover topics such as living sustainably as a family
  • how to shop in zero-waste stores
  • zero-waste products once should get as a beginner
  • zero-waste lifestyle
  • what is slow living?

I share our experience as a family, what products I found helpful when our daughter was growing up. We also talk about other, family-related content.

In this category, we also talk about motherhood:

  • I share my experience with motherhood, post-natal depression, pregnancy,
  • and other motherhood-related topics.

You can find out more about how you can improve your life and be more sustainable.

Make the most of our priceless tips and tricks.


In this article, I share my favorite Swiss zero-waste beauty brands. Some of the products I tried, some I keep using, and others are made by brands that my friends recommended.

Some of the products are totally packaged free, some are packaged in paper and others in reusable glass jars that you can refill or reuse.

There is a huge difference between the brands that you can find on the market. Some companies offer fresh, self-preserving products that contain ingredients that may contain irritants (for example essential oils) or synthetic ingredients. It really depends on you, …



In this article, I share a list of zero-waste stores in Switzerland that we like to visit. We have been on a zero-waste journey for 3 years now. In the beginning, we would visit a bulk store every week because we didn’t how much we needed to buy. But with practice, we got more organized and now we go to a bulk store once a month.

Il Bio Locale, Rolle

What do we get there? Everything that would be packaged in plastic in a grocery store (nuts, dry fruits, some cheese, pulses, polenta flour, etc.) or …

Black-Owned Businesses in Geneva

MO12 Retouches

In this post, I share my favorite black-owned businesses in Geneva. It includes only businesses I am supporting and I have good experience with.

There are more black-owned businesses in Geneva but as I do not know the people behind them personally , I don’t feel comfortable promoting them here.


MO12 Retouches ( Rue de Montbrillant 12, 1201 Genève, 022 733 50 55)
– great quality tailoring services. I have been using MO12 Retouches for years because I like the quality of work and it is situated on …

ZERO WASTE PERIOD products that I recommend right now


In this video, I am sharing ZERO WASTE PERIOD products that I recommend: period sea sponges, period cup, reusable period pads, and period underwear.

In the beginning, it can seem weird to use zero-waste period products instead of single-use ones but once you find your favorite, you will never go back. But using zero-waste period products is better for you and for the environment.

How do you deal with period pains?

Is there a way to deal with period pains naturally? Among zero waste period products that I like to use are …

ARE YOU RACIST? My Journey to Self-Love and Empowerment as a Black Woman


Are you racist? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

In this video, I share my experience with racism when I was growing up and living in the Czech Republic.

As much as you would like to refute this idea, I urge you to look inside and be honest. Do you have friends of a different color, culture, or religion? I realize that I have been living in a bubble. I work in the UN and it is a very multicultural environment. I don’t judge my colleagues based on their color or …

BUDGETING FOR WOMEN- How to Make a Budget 2020

Do you make a budget? And if yes, how? How do you manage your finances, and save money?

We called this video Budgeting for Women- How to Make a Budget 2020 for several reasons: first, it is a great for SEO keyword, second, I wanted to attract women to watch this video. I believe that women as well as men are very well able to manage their money BUT not everyone gets the right financial education to be able to do so.

I have several girlfriends who experienced the same …

How to Achieve Financial Freedom in 2020

Today we are starting a new series about financial freedom and building personal wealth. The first episode is called How to Achieve Financial Freedom in 2020. Since my husband works in finance, I asked him if he can share with us his tips and advice.

Why have I decided to create this series? Because I believe that conscious and sustainable living is also about being able to manage your money with a peaceful heart and sound sleep. And making a budget is the best way to accomplish that.

Budgeting may not sound …

Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Hotel


In this video, I want to share with you why we chose an eco-friendly hotel Olas Verdes when we traveled to Costa Rica in January 2020.

If you wish to discover Olas Verdes, visit

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Soap Nuts, Zero Waste, And Eco-Friendly Laundry Hacks


In this video, I talk about my favorite non-toxic laundry hacks such as soap nuts, zero waste detergents (for example Marseille soap), and I also share a recipe for DIY laundry detergent. I will show you how to use baking soda to remove stains from clothes and use citric acid to remove limescale from the washing machine.

To find out what’s hidden in regular laundry detergents, check

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Small Local Businesses in Switzerland – Sustainable Living

One of the side-effects of self-isolation due to COVID-19 is limited access to farm products. That’s why when a friend of mine shared with me a list of websites that support small local businesses in Switzerland, I knew I had to share it with you.

I don’t know the good soul that compiled this helpful list, unfortunately, but I hope you will find it as helpful as I do.

Stay safe and thank you for stopping by. And happy #earthday! (delivery all over Switzerland of local producers).



In this episode, I want to share with you a day in my life during the Coronavirus outbreak. It is about how to practice simple living in isolation and still enjoying life to the fullest.

I share my experience with face cloth masks, challenges with zero-waste shopping when the bulk stores are closed and how I find peace by balancing the stones.

Let me know in the comments below how a day in your life looks like when you are in isolation due to the Coronavirus outbreak.



Welcome to my short morning meditation for anxiety. Especially now, we all need to find a way to deal with anxiety, stress and negative thoughts in the most effective way. And I believe through meditation we can address the root of the problem – our obsessive thinking.

How do you deal with anxiety? Let me know in the comments below.

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You …

EASTER ARTS and CRAFTS: egg coloring, decorating the home nice and easy

As Easter is around the corner and in this video, I share some easter arts and crafts that you can do with your children. We tried to color eggs naturally (by using onion skins and red beets) and decorated our house in a budget-friendly, simple but very pretty manner.

How are you going to celebrate Easter this year when you are in quarantine due to Coronavirus? We are going to stay at home, cook, bake and talk to the grandparents and the rest of the family on WhatsApp. How …



Welcome to my short guided meditation. The aim of this practice is to learn to forgive others. This meditation will take about ten minutes of your time.

If you want to live in calm and peace, learning to let go and forgive others for what happened in the past is essential. One of the fastest ways to forgive someone who hurt you is to learn to see their actions as actions of ignorance. By ignorance, I mean not knowing what they were doing.

Even in Luke 23:34, Jesus said: …

Short Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm


In this video, I share a short guided meditation for inner peace and calm. I think that especially now when we are all faced with uncertainty and messages of fear (concerning the novel Coronavirus), focusing on inner peace and calm is essential. We cannot change what is happening outside. We have no power over our external situation. What we can change is our approach to it.

I believe that COVID-19 is a warning. It forces us to slow down and think about our selfish and greedy behavior, at least I hope people do realize …