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What to Do in Lugano for a Long Weekend?


Hi everyone,

A few days ago we went to Lugano for a long weekend. Both Alex and I love this region of Switzerland. The people, the food, and the atmosphere make anyone feel welcomed. We make sure to go at least once a year to catch up with our friends and relax. In this article, I want to share with you what to do in Lugano for a long weekend. If you visit the city, don’t forget to


Hotel Splendide Royal, Riva …

Plastic Trash Audit – What Does It Have To Do With Sustainable Living?


Welcome to my series on sustainable living. How can you change your habits? Well, first, you have to believe that you really want to make the change. In the video below, I will show you how to start by conducting a plastic trash audit. Yes, you understood correctly- we will go through your trash.

We’ll start by collecting all empty single-use plastic packaging for a month. Don’t forget to wash/clean bottles and food packaging so that it doesn’t smell.

After one month, lay all the trash down on the …

What are Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Goals?


I decided to create this series to share our journey to low-plastic and sustainable living, but also to try to explain in simple terms why are sustainable development and sustainable development goals important for everyone. I am a working mom and when I look at people who promote sustainable living, I either don’t understand the terms or feel excluded.

Oftentimes, people advocate organic food, which I can’t buy all the time, zero waste living, which I would be more able to follow if I was childless and single, zero carbon footprint – which is impossible for …

How to Use Social Media to Be Happy


Every time I watch the sea, I feel so free. I think of how all the things I consider important don’t matter at all. Whether it’s getting stressed at work, running after what has to be done by the end of the day or pretending to be someone bigger and better just to get more likes and follow on social media. Can we use social media to be happy?

When I get unsettled and nervous for no reason, feel down because I am not as successful or pretty as my peers, I remember to go back …