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Can Green Smoothies Make You Healthy and Happy?


What do you think about green smoothies?

In this interview, I talk with Judy, the founder of bon Ju about:

  • The benefits of green smoothies when it comes to a healthy body and happy mind.
  • How to drink smoothies correctly (so that you’re not feeling hungry right after you finish it).
  • How to make it work as an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and a friend.
  • Why bon Ju joined the fight against childhood cancer and how you can help.

How To Find Meaning In Death


In order to “progress” in life, people forget how finite their life is. We believe that getting the house, the car, the position we covet, will make us happy. I love my husband and my daughter and at the same time, I now that one day that will all be gone. It’s the fact. There is nothing I can do about it. Everything that was created is impermanent. I believe it’s good to be aware of it.

If you think about death as a fact of life, you may learn to enjoy every moment you get. Not to expect that things will stay the way they are. What’s conditioned will change. Life is like a river, it’s a flow. And we’re like a boat that has to follow it. You may not like it. You may not agree with it. And yet, all you can do is accept it. And the sooner you’ll do that, the sooner you’ll profit from the moment that’s just in front of you.

Ready For the Full Bush? Conversation On Body Hair


2018 has been a big year when it comes to waxing, body hair and pubic hair. And not only in media. Among my girlfriends, options differ significantly. While my Czech friends embraced the trend full front, my Asian friends were quite opinionated when it came to Brazilian waxing and showing off your hairy armpits.

“Everyone has short stubble, long strands, or something in between. What you do with yours is up to you – grow it, get rid of it, or comb it. It’s your hair, after all.”

Oh, The Joys Of Parenthood


Parenthood is deep. It’s raw, encompassing and no one can take it away from you. It’s the biggest lesson and opportunity to grow, do your best and experience feelings in its essence. It’s an opportunity to bridge misunderstandings with your own parents as it fills you with compassion and understanding. As you make faults, you begin to understand your parents. And as much as I don’t want to be like my mom, it’s crazy to see how much I resemble her.

Camping In Style At Paléo Festival 2018


What does camping in style mean? Comfort. Aka solid pine bed with a mattress, pillow and duvet, wifi, warm(!) shower, carpet and a rug. That is camping 2018 style at Paléo festival. And so-called “luxpads” at Pal’Asse campsite would seduce even Alex and I. It can be a lot of fun to experience the festival from a new perspective.  Do you feel more at home in your own camper van? Book a pitch in the dedicated camper-van area! And if you prefer to set up your own tent, you can do it for free at festival’s campsite. Finding the right option that works for you couldn’t be easier.

Can you believe that there is also a massage and wellness area at the campsite?