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Get Bikini Body With Low-Carb Diet


I get asked many times how I got my bikini body back after having Chloe-Sofia. My Osteopath says that if you are more than 35 years old, it will take you around 12 months. And he is right. But I admit that at the beginning I thought it would happen overnight. We are so used to “instant” reality and success in a digital world that we forget how mind and matter work in reality. There is no miraculous answer. In fact, it is very simple: if you want bikini body, you have to work for it.

Six weeks …

Beef & Peas Faux Pierogi with Beyond Food


Today I would like to share with you another culinary success with Beyond Food. For those who have not heard of this service yet, it is a Swiss version of Blue Apron. A flexible subscription service (available only in the canton of Geneva) that delivers once a week everything you need to prepare three meals at home. They deliver the right amount of ingredients for each dish so all you have to do is follow instructions. And chop the veggies.

It was the first time that I cooked red meat. I have …

Green Juices Keep You Mindful & Healthy


New Year, new resolutions, right? At least for most of us. I confess that I don’t like taking New Year’s resolutions. I never keep them. Don’t you find it curious that you should wait until 1 January to make radical changes to your life? I even found a book (in the self-help section of my favorite bookstore) that explained why New Year’s resolutions never work. I did not purchase it but it felt good to receive a seal of approval.

But today is not about New Year’s resolutions. It is about staying healthy day by day, …

Raspberry Porridge Recipe From La Selfish


If you ask me what I missed the most when I was growing up, I will answer- sausages. And I mean those special ones where you can remove the casing within seconds. As my mom was vegetarian when I was at elementary school, sausages and other charcuterie and meat were not “invited guests” in our house.  While other kids were snacking on sandwiches with salami, I had mine with a leaf of green salad and slice of cheese. I think my mom meant well but I spend most of my school days wondering how sausages taste.

Cooking With BeyondFood: almond crusted sea bass fillet


I found out about BeyondFood from our friends who use the service and sing their praise. I don’t enjoy cooking, it is Alex who cooks at home to my delight. He is an amazing cook so it is easy to let him take care of cooking.

BeyondFood is a flexible subscription service that delivers once a week everything you need to prepare three meals at home. They deliver the right amount of ingredients for each dish so all you have to do is follow instructions. You still need to chop the veggies …

Healthy NYE’s Dessert by Fit’n’Tasty


New Year’s Eve is all about excess, don’t you think? Fois gras, champagne, chocolate fondue and other heavy and not very healthy foods. I found this recipe for chocolate topped pineapple slices by Fit’n’Tasty very intriguing because, unlike your typical NYE’s recipes, it is simple and healthy. Not to mention that I love pineapple, almonds and chocolate. So putting them all together seems like a great idea.

What will be on your New Year’s Eve menu? We will have some fois gras as a starter, champagne risotto with scallops as a main dish and …

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