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In this category, I talk about fashion with a focus on sustainable fashion:

  • why I switched from fast to slow fashion.
  • what are the benefits of shopping in second hands or at online platforms that sell pre-loved clothes and accessories?
  • how to build a capsule wardrobe
  • what is Project 333
  • what does sustainability mean when it comes to fabrics
  • why is ethical and fair trade component so important
  • which fabrics are sustainable
  • how to shop in a more sustainable way
  • how to sell your clothes online
  • how to create chic and ethical looks without breaking your budget

It is hard at the beginning when you decide to stop buying your clothes in fast fashion stores.

When I was growing up, I use to go to the second hands because they offer original fashion and style for an affordable price. But as I started working and had more money, I started shopping at popular fashion brands. I wanted to be on-trend and fashionable.

But after watching True Cost movie and the Rana Plaza Disaster in 2013, I realized how unsustainable and unethical the current clothes consumption was.

Discover new ways to mix and match your outfits, how to look original and comfortable every day. I love new ideas and have an eclectic personal style. Let me share it with you!

SUSTAINABLE RECYCLED SOCKS: Can You Get Them In Switzerland?

In this article, I will introduce you to two sustainable Swiss brands that make sustainable recycled socks. What do I mean by sustainable recycled socks? First, they are made of organic and recycled materials as well as yarns which have a low environmental impact.

There are two sustainable Swiss brands whose socks I tried and keep wearing:


  • My all-time favorite sustainable Swiss brand which I have been supporting for more than 6 years,
  • socks are made of recycled cotton, polyamide, and polyethylene, and they are available …

Ananas Leather? Yep, that is Piñatex ®!

In today’s article, I will introduce you to Piñatex ®.  It is one of the most sustainable and ethical alternatives to animal leather. We will also talk about Ananda Zurich. It is a sustainable Swiss brand that makes handbags from this material.

Piñatex ® is an innovative, cruelty-free, sustainably sourced. It is also biodegradable and natural material. It is made of a pineapple leaf fiber which is a by-product of pineapple harvest.

Dr. Carmen Hijosa got this idea when she was consulting on the leather industry in the Philippines. She …

What Are The Most Sustainable Alternatives to Animal Leather? Sustainable Fashion Tips

What are the most sustainable alternatives to animal leather and why should you stop buying leather?

Sustainable fabrics or materials that are sustainably grown, harvested and processed. In the ideal world, there would not be involved any:

  • pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides,
  • chemicals or toxic dyes,
  • forced labor, children, modern slavery,
  • sexual and physical abuse,
  • animal harm, abuse, or torture.

Farmers and workers across the whole supply chain would receive fair and a living wage. They would also work in fair and good working conditions. …

What to Wear When You Are Bloated

What to wear when you are bloated? Simple question.

I suffer from unpredictable bloating. My belly can be totally fine when I wake up but by the time I get to work, I am bloated and look 6-months pregnant. It is painful, uncomfortable, and annoying.

I learned to dress in such a way that if my belly bloats, I will be able to survive the day. If I don’t wear fitting tops, skinny jeans, or pants without an elastic waist, I am fine. Also, I learned that if I wear clothes that are tailored, …