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Outfits: are you crazy about fashion? What to know what is in fashion? Discover new ways to mix and match your outfit to look original and comfortable every day. I love new ideas and have eclectic personal style. Let me share it with you!

Ethical and Sustainable Fashion That Is Cool And Chic


Apesigned is one of the few brands that offer ethical, fair-trade and sustainable fashion that is both affordable and of a high-quality. The brand was established in Geneva and works with artisans and small family businesses in Vietnam and Switzerland. I know Jeanne, the founder since I started blogging and even featured her work several times on Currently Wearing.

In this video, you will learn:

  • Why Jeanne decided to work with artisans and small family businesses in Vietnam and Switzerland.
  • How to successfully collaborate with people abroad.
  • That you don’t need to study fashion to become a fashion designer.
  • How to make ethical and sustainable fashion elegant and chic.
  • What Apesigned offers to men and children.
  • Why all of us should consider wearing clothes from sustainable fashion brands.

This interview was recorded in Hotel President Wilson in Geneva.

If you want to find out more about a sustainable fashion that is elegant, fun and chic, don’t miss this interview!

fashion and style for kids_currently wearing

Summer Fashion And Style For Kids in 2018


Do you also get a shopping fever before you go on holiday?

Before we left, I looked for summer fashion and style ideas for kids. When we are in Costa Rica, we have to up our game a bit. Everyone is always stylish, even children. Europe is much more “relaxed” when it comes to fashion and style for kids. I don’t want to force Chloe-Sofia to wear dresses all the time but it is a bit tiring when people keep asking you if she is a boy or a girl.

I ended up buying some pretty clothes and accessories for both of us but there are two pieces that I love the most. Both are from forK, kids store that offers fashionable and stylish clothes for children.

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family-friendly hotels, costa rica, currently wearing, hotel punta leona

Holidays in Costa Rica: 3 Tips To Choose A Family-Friendly Hotel


I did not know how hard it was to find the right family-friendly hotel until we decided to visit Costa Rica last year. One of the hotels that we loved the most was Hotel Punta Leona.  It ticks all the boxes when it comes to a family-friendly hotel. We were so satisfied that we decided to stay there again.

The property is situated in one of the most important private reserves of Costa Rica in the Central Pacific. It has several pools (one shallow for kids) and a playground. If the pool is not your thing, you can do various aquatic sports in the sea, discover the hiking trails or watch birds. The reserve houses 330 migratory and resident species.

We chose all-inclusive to make sure that Chloe-Sofia eats regularly. I learned that with a child, buffet-style dining is the best option especially if the offer is generous and includes loads of fruits and veggies as well as sugar and gluten-free options.

Now, how to choose the right family-friendly hotel when you go on holiday?

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