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In this category, do-it-yourself fashion, I share:

  • do-it-yourself fashion ideas
  • easy tutorials that even a beginner can make
  • tutorials for DIY projects that you can do with your children or with the whole family.

DIY is my favorite way to spend my pastime. Since the birth of Pinterest, it got even easier to find projects that you can do at home.

In this chapter, you will find videos, blog posts, and easy and comprehensible tutorials.

I found out that it is also a great way to:

  • boost your creativity
  • save money
  • feel inner reward
  • find something that will make you feel happy about your skills
  • have time to yourself
  • it is like manual meditation

Lace Hem Jeans – Summer DIY

I really enjoy wearing lace tops and dresses in summer. The other day, when I was going through my old clothes, I found a pair of white jeans that I have not put on for two years. I was about to give them away when I got an idea to customize them with a bit of scalloped lace. It turned out to be a fast and an affordable way to refresh my old jeans. And I still can’t believe how many compliments I receive every time I wear them. 

Here is what you need to make your own lace …

Do-It-Yourself Embroidered Denim Jacket

Version française ci-dessous

Have you noticed how popular embroidered denim jackets are right now? Besides fishnets, embroidered denim is the way to go if you want to look fashionable. And as embroidered denim jackets often come with a hefty price tag, I decided to make my own for less than $20. All you need is an old denim jacket, iron-on patches, iron, thin blanket, thread and needle. And it will take you less than an hour.

Étant donné que le denim brodé est …

DIY Slogan T-shirt Inspired by Dior

Version française ci-dessous

I love Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s books. Besides being funny, beautiful and smart, Ms. Adichie’s work will make you laugh and cry when you expect it the least. Half of a Yellow Sun made me weep like a baby when I got to the end while The Americanah feels so bitter sweet and personal that I have been reading in bits and pieces for several months. Isn’t it funny how certain books can touch something deep inside and make us ponder our own existence? My current plan is …