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How to Choose The Right Period Underwear in 5 Steps

One of the most common questions that I often get is related to period underwear. And that is why I decided to share how to choose the right period underwear, its pros and cons, and what I have learned so far. So let’s dive in:


Yes, I do. BUT I use it only when I have access to a washing machine. When we travel, I use single-use period pads. Why? Because if you cannot wash it and make sure it dries out properly, you should not use it. This is one of the negative sides of period underwear – it is not suitable for women living in regions with limited access to water.


You should always wash period underwear in a washing machine. The highest temperature depends on the material the underwear is made of. For example, I have Taynie Period underwear, which is made in Germany, that can be washed at max. 60 degrees Celcius. I also use Thinx period underwear (from the USA), which I wash at 40 degrees Celcius.

I prefer period underwear to Moon/Period cup. It is a personal choice and if you like Moon/Period cup, you can use period underwear at night. I also prefer period underwear to reusable/washable sanitary pads. I don’t like that it keeps moving up and down the crotch even if you fix it with the clip to tight underwear.


It is true that period underwear is more expensive than Moon/Period cup and classic sanitary pads. At the same time, the choice to purchase and use period underwear is driven by other motives than price.

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According to this study, it can take up to 800 years for the sanitary pad to decompose. Using washable sanitary pads or period underwear seems like a more sustainable alternative. But as you need to wash them, they are not suitable for everyone.

You may say that sanitary pads that can fully decompose are the most sustainable option. But where do you throw them? In wet waste (= kitchen waste)? I am not comfortable with the idea since we are talking about human blood. If you know the answer, pls let me know in the comments below.

And what about the Moon/Period cup? It needs to be regularly disinfected in boiling water so if you do not have access to water, you face the same issue as with the period underwear.


Yes, it does. I have been using it for several years and have had only one leakage so far. Which was my fault because I wore period underwear with the lightest absorbency.

My favorite models are Hiphugger (holds up to 3 tampons worth) and High-Waist panties (holds up to 4 tampons worth). Both are from Thinx.

When it comes to Taynie brand, I have a great experience with their Highwaist (holds up to 6 tampons worth) and Classic model (holds up to 4 tampons worth).


No, if you wear period underwear with the right absorbency and change it when needed. You need to approach it with common sense.

Remember to always bring spare period underwear with you. You can either get a wet bag (most period underwear brands sell them) or a ziplock bag. It is the best way to store your used underwear safely.

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You need to try period underwear from different brands to find the right one. I like Taynie period underwear because it is not as tight as Thinx. Remember to choose period panties based on YOUR period – is it heavy or light? Since my period is rather light, most of the period panties that I have are for medium absorbency. Right now I have eight period panties and would like to buy 3-4 more. I have not done it yet since I have a lot of reusable period pads that I use at night so that helps me to go through my period without being stressed about washing and drying the period underwear. I understand my friends who have small kids and the last thing that they want is to think about washing their period underwear. Or spending a fortune on it. If we say that the panties are about 35 USD, buying ten panties is an investment. But you can do it slowly, over time.

Btw, if you have a teenage daughter, you can introduce her to period underwear as well. All brands that I use cater to teens as well.

5. WHERE TO BUY PERIOD UNDERWEAR – Swiss online shop for period underwear. Brands: Taynie, Sayu, WUKA. – Swiss online store. Period underwear brand: Taynie.

MANOR online– Swiss department store. Period underwear brand: Thinx.

Thinx – the USA.

Taynie – Germany.

Now I would love to hear from you. Do you use period underwear? If not, why? Let me know in the comments below.

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