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Where to Buy Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Right Now

A few weeks ago, I shared with you my article on How to find out if you fell into a second-hand fashion trap. I mentioned that I decided to change the way I practiced being sustainable when it came to fashion. Although I agree that the best solution is not to buy new clothes and wear what you have in your closet, sometimes you may need something new.

Imagine that you gain or lose weight or return to the workplace after maternity leave. You can start by looking for “new” clothes at second-hand stores. And if you don’t find anything that suits you? Where will you go? Most likely to a fast-fashion store at the high-street because it is convenient. In this article, I wanted to introduce you to an online sustainable and ethical fashion platform that I discovered recently. But before to get to that, let’s talk about inclusivity.

When it comes to sustainable/ethical fashion, there is one problem that I encountered very often – the idea that sustainable fashion should withstand trends. Unfortunately, more than often, it translates into garments that are formless and simple. Such clothes can work on someone who has a perfect body shape, but most people need well-cut designs. For example, although Marina Rinaldi is not a sustainable brand that I would promote here, it does amazing clothes for women who wear sizes from 42 up. On the other hand, the sustainable brands that I know and wear make clothes only up to 42. If you are size 44 or 50, it is hard to find well-cut clothes to make you look amazing. Thus, although sustainable and ethical fashion is the way forward, it has to be inclusive.

So, where to buy ethical and sustainable fashion online?

ethical and sustainable fashion-currentlywearing-swiss blog-sustainable fashion-fashionkind
  1. Fashionkind– an ethical fashion platform that I discovered recently. It showcases carefully curated luxury fashion that has a positive social and environmental impact. You can filter by region or cause: Artisan Craft, Emerging Economies, Sustainable Materials, or Women’s Empowerment.
  2. Goodonyou – website or a mobile phone app where you can find high-street as well as sustainable brands rated based on their environmental and social impact, as well as animal ethics.
  3. Renoon – start by choosing the topics you value do most from Ethical Labor, Recycled, Eco Packaging, Lower Emission, Slow Fashion, Non-toxic, Forest Friendly, Women Empowerment, Save Water, Responsible Animal Origin, Vintage, Organic, or Save the Oceans.

“Renoon is not yet another shop; it’s an entire universe of values, untold stories about sustainability and a cohesive place where intentions become reality.”

Is there a fashion platform that offers sustainable and ethical fashion that you like? Let me know in the comments below.