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How to Choose The Right Compost Bin For Your Apartment

Do you have a compost bin? I noticed that it is much easier to compost if you live in a house and have a garden. You can create a compost area somewhere in the far corner and let worms do their work. But if you live in an apartment, composting gets more complicated. So how to find the right compost bin for your apartment?

First tip: ask around. Because even if the brand swears that their compost bin does not smell, beware. Read independent reviews, and check what your friends and neighbors are using. But most importantly, assess your needs.

We got a compost bin from Skaza a year ago. It is called Bokashi Organko II. It is made of recycled plastic, and as it is hermetically closed, it does not attract any insects. And depending on the amount of organic waste you produce, it can take up to two weeks to fill it.

If you choose this compost bin, remember to get fertilizing soil. You will sprinkle it on the organic waste once you throw it in the bin. The bin has a built-in drain tap to pour out fermentation liquid easily. It is an excellent organic fertilizer for home and garden plants. If you don’t have plans, you can use them to clean your drains.

Have I mentioned that it looks great? It even won the Ret Dot design award!

The organic fertilizer that you can use to fertilize plants at home or clean your drains.

Did you find this article on how to choose the right compost bin for your apartment helpful? Do you have a different compost bin? What is your experience with it? Let me know in the comments below.