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How to Update Your Minimal Spring Capsule Wardrobe

This spring has been icy and rainy in Switzerland. It does not feel like summer will ever come, and I have lacked inspiration when dressing up. And not only because I have been working from home due to COVID-19. During quarantine, I put on weight and did not feel comfortable in my body. Secondly, I outgrew my style. I turned 42 but kept wearing clothes that did not flatter me. And although I love shopping at second-hand stores, I could not find anything that would make me feel pretty. For all these reasons, I decided to update my minimal spring capsule wardrobe with some new clothes.

My updated spring capsule closet: includes loungewear, workwear, sportswear, and my pajamas. I have 2 jackets and 1 trench coat because evening and morning in Switzerland can be chilly even in summer. Panama hats are packed in the box on the bottom.


  • Favor natural fabrics (linen, silk, hemp, bamboo, or organic cotton) over synthetic ones.
  • Please find your color palette (I am warm autumn) and respect it when you’re looking for new clothes.
  • Always give something away for every piece you add. This way, you will keep the same number of pieces in your wardrobe.
  • If you have not worn a piece in 30 days ( or for 6 months if you live in a region where you have seasons), take it out. This has been quite painful because I tend to hold on to pieces for their sentimental value. Or because it is a brand I like.
  • Make sure that you can easily combine all pieces. For example, half of my closet is made of garments of light color, and the second one of darker colors of my color palette. And when it comes to light tones, I can easily combine the garments. The same applies to the darker tones.
  • Respect your body type. I don’t incorporate anything that flatters me, is comfortable, and I know I can take care of it easily.
  • Think about your lifestyle. Now when my daughter is older, I got pants and t-shirts in lighter colors because I don’t have to carry her or worry about getting dirty when I feed her.
  • Take care of your clothes and store them when you don’t wear them. For example, in spring, I packed all my winter clothes in one airtight large plastic box. And stored it in the basement. I use appropriate laundry detergents for cashmere, wool, and silk. And I remove knots from my sweater with a special brush. I also got a steamer to be able to refresh my clothes and keep my silk blouses crease-free. The same applies to shoes, accessories, and jewelry. Needless to say that I store my headwear in hat boxes.

So these are the rules I followed to update my minimal spring capsule wardrobe. Do you have some rules? What are those? Let me know in the comments below.


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