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How to Have Fun Dressing Up in February

currently wearing swiss blog-long dress-Have Fun Dressing Up in February
swiss blog-long dress-festive look-silver down jacket- cashmere beret

Well, Hello, February! I can’t believe that the second month of 2021 is already here! Doesn’t time fly? Several of my friends have birthday this month, one of them retiring, and it’s going to be one year since Alex lost his job. At least, we live in a country with a great social care system. I don’t know how people do it in the countries where unemployment benefits don’t exist. In Switzerland, you get up to 18 months of 80% of your last salary (if you have a child). And due to the sanitary situation, they added three more, making it 21 months in total. But let’s talk about something lighter… such as fashion. 🙂 And to start this month on a positive note, let’s see how to have fun dressing up in February!

  1. add some color
  2. dress up comfortably
  3. dress for yourself, not for others

add some color

I find February a bit depressive. It is cold and rainy in Switzerland (if we’re lucky, we get some snow), and one doesn’t get much natural light during the day. So if you feel a bit down, add some color to your look. A bright red scarf or a mustard sweater can do wonders.

I find it very helpful to choose my clothes based on the colors that suit my skin tone. My color palette is warm autumn. Thus I add burgundy, mustard, olive, or tomato red or salmon color. I stay clear from black because it is not in my color palette and makes me look pale and ill.


dress up comfortably

I find it really challenging to find well-fitting jeans lately. If they are well-fitting around my hips, they are too large around the waist. And if they fit my waist, the legs are too tight. Thus, my favorite pants in winter are either leggings or stretch pants. They are comfortable and look perfect with oversized sweaters and sweater dresses.

If you are working from home, right now is the best time to wear comfortable clothes. I noticed that when I work at the office, I move more than when I telework. If you are sitting most of the day at home, comfortable pants (not tight and skinny) are a must. I like to wear jogger pants or palazzo pants because they are loose around my ankles and don’t block blood circulation.

currently wearing swiss blog-long dress-festive look-silver down jacket

dress for yourself, not for others

One of the facts that I like about the UN is that people dress for themselves and are not judged based on their looks. I mean, my girlfriends who work in the private sector are much more “corporate” looking, wear make-up, and color their gray hair.

In my office, there are several young women with gray hair who are comfortable with it. And no one expects them to look polished and pretty. And I also don’t feel the pressure that as I grow old, I have to look a certain way to remain attractive for my male supervisor. This is really nice about the UN that brains matter more than beauty.

How do you like to lift your mood in February when it comes to dressing up?

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