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Where to Buy Affordable and Sustainable Christmas Gifts in Switzerland?


In this article, I share some of my favorite Swiss companies, brands, and businesses that are making sustainable products. Some tips include foreign brands that I use and that you can find in Switzerland too. So where to buy affordable and sustainable Christmas gifts in Switzerland?

50-180 $/CHF

A GIFT VOUCHER from / / – online shops featuring local and organic products. From CHF50/CHF85 respectively.

WOODEN TRAIN from Swiss company It is handmade in canton Vaud, and simply adorable. From CHF59.

COMPOST BIN by Skaza Bokashi Organko 2. It is the at-home compost bin that really works. We have one and LOVE it. You can get it via CHF175.

CASHMERE BERET/ BEANIE from recycled cashmere. An ethical Swiss brand has a beautiful selection. From CHF99. And when you’re on their website, don’t forget to check their eco Christmas Guide!

CASHMERE MITTENS from an ethical Swiss brand From CHF129.

YOGA MAT STRAP from sustainable and fair-trade brand

ORGANIC WINE from Domaine La Capitaine in Begnins (canton Vaud). We like their wine so much that we had our wedding reception there. Our favorite is Johanniter. Available at Around CHF144 for 6 bottles.

20-50 CHF

ORGANIC HAND & BODY WASH (CHF35) or ORGANIC HAND & BODY LOTION (CHF43) from a Swiss brand Nooii. I love the Mountain Pine, Bergamot, and Ginger Root scent. They are available on

LUXURY FACE SERUM from a Swiss brand Un p’tit tour et puis Savon available online on CHF40.

REUSABLE MAKEU PADS from upcycled 100% organic cotton from Pascale Cornu.

REUSABLE MAKEU PADS from upcycled 100% organic cotton from an ethical Swiss designer From CHF25.

REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE – I like 24bottles. I use their “CLIMA” bottle and got an extra lightweight “URBAN” bottle for my daughter for school. You can find them for example, in the Manor department store or on From CHF30.

GIVE A CLIMATE-NEUTRAL LIFE on There is also a Swiss version

REUSABLE PERIOD UNDERWEAR. My favorite brand is Thinx, in Switzerland available on (around 40CHF) or on their US website. You can learn more about my experience with period underwear in this article. Alternatively, you can try the Swiss brand Felicup (35CHF).

BIODEGRADABLE LAUNDRY DETERGENT from Les Potions d’Adèle. The products won several prizes and I especially like the All-purpose Spray and Liquid Laundry Detergent. Available in selected zero-waste stores such as Il Bio Locale in Rolle or Le Bocal Local in Geneva. To find a store near you on

>20$/ CHF

Handmade, upcycled SCRUNCHIES (CHF10/3 pieces) or HEADBANDS (CHF13) from RBC Creations.

Handmade, upcycled SCRUNCHIES (CHF10/3 pieces) or HEADBANDS (CHF13) from RBC Creations available online or via


Handmade, reversible CLOTH FACE MASK from a fair-trade Swiss brand (CHF14).

One or several Zero-waste start-up items: wooden toothbrush, solid shampoo, conditioner, bath bomb, or body cream, reusable straw or cutlery, coffee mug, cloth napkins, cloth grocery bags, powder toothpaste, etc. You can find all these products in your local zero-waste store or online.

Liquid soap for the shower from So You Cosmetics available on (CHF24).

Healthy peanut butter without palm oil (6CHF) available on My favorite to date.


FRAMED PAINTING: If you have children, frame one of their painting as a present for the grandparents.

HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS COOKIES: A pack of homemade Christmas cookies.

Salt Dough Advent Wreath that I made together with my daughter.

SALT DOUGH DECORATIONS: you can make decorations for the Christmas tree, a Christmas wreath, or a table centerpiece. Mix 2 tea cups of white flour, 3/4 tea cup of water and 1 tea cup of salt. You can either air dry your decorations or bake them on 150 Degree Celsius for 30 minutes in an oven.

KNIT OR CROCHET GIFTS: you can make a scarf, beanie, or table decoration.

CHRISTMAS CAKE: Bake a Christmas cake (with or without alcohol).

SALT BATH: mix Sea salt (or Epsom salt), essential oil of your choice, rosebuds, or dried lavender seeds.

FRESH FACE/ BODY SCRUB – how to do it? Follow my easy video tutorial.

PERSONALIZE GLASS JARS/ WINE GLASSES: if you have old glass jars, personalize them. You can mark them « rice », « sugar », « oats », « nuts », etc. (use a color pen for glass colors or labels from paper and glue them on the jar or fix them with rugged string).

Got other tips on where to buy affordable and sustainable Christmas gifts in Switzerland? Let me know in the comments below.


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