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How To Shop Environmentally-Friendly This Black Friday


Black Friday is around the corner. For a long time, I did not understand the concept of people queuing in front of the store overnight and fighting over plasma TVs. We did not “celebrate” Black Friday in the Czech Republic. At least not thirty years ago. And when I moved to Switzerland, it was not common here either. But during the last few years, things changed. Whether it’s due to globalization, consumers, or brands, Black Friday sales are everywhere. So in this article, I want to show you how to shop environmentally-friendly this black Friday.

The Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) sales are inherently bad. If you are saving money to buy something that you need, why not wait for the Black Friday sale? In fact, some of my friends this occasion to buy Christmas presents.

Even if we all agree that the essence of Christmas is about coming together and spending time with people you love, who doesn’t like giving and receiving presents? Therefore, using the sales to buy what you would purchase anyway, makes sense.

On the other hand, if you are waiting for the sales to spend money, that you don’t have, on stuff that you don’t need, you need to reassess your priorities. The times of fashion haul youtube videos and mindless consumerism are over and flaunting a luxury lifestyle on social media won’t give you more likes.

At a time when future generations are facing climate change-related catastrophe, responsible environmental and social activism and behavior is the only way to go.

Considering that the Internet’s energy and carbon footprint exceed those of air travel, we should boycott Black Friday and Cyber Monday altogether.

According to Climate Care, looking at a webpage that contains pictures or videos emits 0.2 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per second. One Google search equals 0.2 – 7 grams of CO2 emissions. And to give you an idea of what it represents, seven grams of CO2 emissions are equivalent to boiling water in a kettle to make a cup of tea or driving 16 meters by car.

black Friday_Cyber Monday 2020_sustainable shopping
Seven grams of carbon dioxide emissions is equivalent to boiling water to make a cup of tea or driving 16 meters by car.

But with all that being said, one can still turn Black Friday sales into something good. It all depends on your intention. First and foremost, you can support your local second-hand or a charity store. Or you could organize a Black Friday Clothes Swap party. Why not exchange clothes that you don’t love anymore with your friends?

Nevertheless, here at, we are about inclusiveness. Thus, if you are still planning to buy some brand new clothes, you can still make more sustainable choices.


a) Look for items made of sustainable materials – organic cotton, linen, hemp, non-mulesed wool, recycled cotton, cashmere, or wool. Avoid synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon.

b) Choose items from ethical or sustainable brands.

c) If you go to a department store, look for clothes with OEKO-TEX 100®, GOTS, Responsible Wool, the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®, or Better Cotton Initiative certifications. Although some of these certifications have their shortcomings, it is still better than buying uncertified conventional cotton.

These tips will help you even if you have a limited budget and shop at fast-fashion stores. As you can see, we focus only on fashion and shoes. But if you want to buy some beauty products, look for natural or organic beauty brands without plastic packaging.

Below is a list of sustainable and ethical brands that I like, but it is not exhaustive. Since many sustainable brands boycott Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I list just a few. You may find it helpful nevertheless.

currently wearing swiss blog_how to shop environmentally-friendly this black Friday


Look for recycled wool, cashmere or cotton, and non-mulesed wool.

  • A UK-based brand WHISTLES offers a 25% discount. Their sustainable line features non-mulesed merino wool and sustainably sourced and traceable cashmere. CLICK HERE to shop. They ship worldwide.
  • AIAYU – get a 10% discount if you subscribe to their newsletter. Based in Denmark. Visit THEIR website.
  • TALLIS – upcycled merino and cashmere beanies. Based in Switzerland. SHOP HERE.


  • OUTLAND DENIM – get a 10% discount if you subscribe to their newsletter. Based in Australia. SHOP HERE.
  • MUD JEANS – you can get a €10 discount if you send them an old pair of jeans (made of 96% cotton). Based in the Netherlands.
  • NUDIE JEANS – there is a 20-40% Cyber Deal sale on And there is a Cyber Sale on for male jeans.
  • KINGS OF INDIGO – on sale on or there is a 20-55% Cyber Deal sale on



  • VEJA – sustainable sneakers. You can get them discounted on Nordstrom. Shop HERE.
  • adidas by Stella McCourtney – made of eco-friendly materials. Shop HERE.
  • ETIKO – vegan sneakers. Made in Australia. Shop HERE.
  • ECOALF – the brand itself does not participate in the Black Friday sales. But there is a 20% Cyber Deal discount on selected styles of sneakers on

As I said, I listed only brands that you can find on sale. But if there is a sustainable brand that participates in the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday discount, please let me know in the comments below.


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