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How to Become Carbon Neutral Human? Visit Mindful Mission

A few weeks ago I discovered an amazing platform that helps you calculate your carbon footprint and become carbon neutral human.


By offsetting your carbon emissions through a monthly subscription.

The monthly contribution that you make supports three climate protection projects (in India, Bangladesh, and Peru).

It is a simple process. Al you need to do is undertake a 10-minute questionnaire, wait for the results and offset your carbon emissions via monthly subscription.

My carbon footprint in August 2020

Firstly, I was shocked by how high my carbon footprint was. 13,8 tons is HUGE. But when I looked at the numbers again, I realized that it’s the travel that caused it. Without it, my carbon footprint would be 5,5t per year which is way below the Swiss average*.

As Alex’s brother and uncles live in Costa Rica, we go there once a year. It is this return long-haul flight that totally messed up my carbon footprint. 🙁

Now if I wanted to be a bit bitchy, I would say that the carbon footprint of all those CEOs, and international correspondents who spend their life traveling around the world has to be mind-boggling. I truly hope that the new post-COVID-19 normal will be different.


  • Subscribe to Mindful Mission carbon offsetting program (,
  • Educate yourself – once your carbon footprint is calculated, Mindful Mission provides detailed advice on how to improve your habits,
  • Take action – start behaving in a way that will harm the environment as little as possible.

No one is perfect but being conscious of how your habits impact the environment is the first step.


I believe that if people really knew how harmful to the environment it is to use: single-use plastic water bottles, plastic straws, single-use coffee cups, buy fast fashion clothes, throw away clothes instead of repairing or recycling them, travel around the world on the plane anytime they wish just because it is cheap and they deserve to go on holiday, etc. the world would change.

In fact, all we need to do is to stop acting selfishly. Make mindful decisions before we take any action. Because, and I am sorry to sound corny, there is no Planet B.

What do you want to leave to your children? A world filled with fear and wars? Because when sea-level countries sink underwater and more people are forced by climate change-related events to migrate, there will not be peace. Just have a look at why some countries refuse to accept Syrian refugees.

I am sorry if it sounds too emotional but it makes me angry and helpless seeing people so oblivious to these simple facts. If each and every one of us does not change the way he/she behaves, the outcome is clear.

You may not want to see it and prefer to stick your head in the sand. I get it. It sounds depressive and overwhelming. But the solutions are out there. It is easy to find advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint than ever before. To become carbon neutral human requires your will to make a change. One step at a time. And one of them is learning to offset your carbon footprint.

*According to the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN): in 2015, the greenhouse gas footprint per capita amounted to 14 tonnes of CO2-equivalents per capita.

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