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Do You Know How To Upgrade Old Clothes In A Few Seconds? Upcycling with Miele

What do you with your old clothes? Do you toss them in a bin (and let them rot in a landfill) or leave them in a charity collection bin? What if you chose the third option = upcycling? In this article, I will show you how to upgrade old clothes with iron-on transfers from Miele.

Miele is an independent, family-owned company (established in 1899) manufacturing premium quality appliances for domestic and professional use. Its focus on durability, energy efficiency, performance, ease of use, design, and service makes it one of the most sought-after brands.

Therefore, in order to communicate its commitment to sustainability in a creative way, Miele has reached out to three well-known Swiss artists – Céline Quadri, Julian Zigerli, and Adrien Rovero. And each of the artists created an original and though-provoking design with sustainability in mind.

For example, the inspiration for Adrien Rovero’s black and red design came from bicycle tire patches. Gentle hint to the fact that instead of buying a new tire, we can repair the damaged one with a patch.

Designs by Céline Quadri, Julian Zigerli, and Adrien Rovero.

The designs were turned in iron-on stickers (in A2 format) and are available on the campaign’s website ( They are affordable (CHF 7,80/ per sheet) and very easy to apply.

It is a great DIY activity that you can do with your children. Under supervision, of course. My daughter had a great time helping me cut out the designs and couldn’t wait to wear her new “old” t-shirt.

Adrien Rovero’s design

Céline Quadri’s design

Julian Zigerli’s design

Now when you see how easy it is to upgrade old clothes, will you give these iron-ons a try? Let me know in the comments below.


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