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A Simple Guide to Eco Life That Anyone Can Follow


A few months ago one of my favorite sustainable Swiss fashion brands Tallis published their Eco Wardrobe Online Guide. This simple guide to eco life is well organized and easy to follow. It is also full of actionable steps, articles, short podcasts, and video tutorials.

When You Purchase This Guide, You will learn how to:
  • de-carbon your wardrobe,
  • take better care of your clothes,
  • make sustainable choices when you shop for new clothes,
  • dispose of your old clothes in a sustainable manner,
  • rescue your old clothes: for example to take up a hem, fix a zip, sew on a button, etc. (and if you need to brush off your sewing skills, you can even download a list of mending and sewing equipment!),
  • upcycle your old clothes (turn a jumper into a beanie, make a grocery bag from a t-shirt, make a hairband, etc.),
  • recycle for kids (make a sock puppet, make a baby hat from a jumper, make bunting, etc.),
  • and much more.

Firstly, I think it is an amazing price considering the wealth of knowledge and tips it contains. Secondly, I believe that all these tips can help each of us to live a more independent and sustainable life.

For example, as I grew up in the Czech Republic during a Communist era, I had to learn to sew and repair my clothes. We could not go to a store and just buy a new pair of pants. We had to take care of our shoes and clothes because we got new clothes twice a year.

When COVID-19 stroke, I realized how independent my Czech friends were as they could make their own cloth masks. I have not made mine since I have not used a sewing machine for years. But having this knowledge, this skill, which for some may seem archaic, turned to be an advantage.

I am also surprised to see sewing courses that mushroomed in Geneva after the COVID-19 quarantine. People are hungry to learn to sew. I hope that it will bring some change.

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