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Have Fun and Enjoy Lugano in 2020: Places That You Need to Know

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A few weeks ago, we went to Lugano for a long weekend. Both Alex and I love this region of Switzerland. The people, the food, and the atmosphere – everyone feels welcome. We make sure to go at least once a year to catch up with our friends and relax. In this article, I want to share with you how to enjoy Lugano if you are planning to visit it.


Firstly, you have to choose the right accommodation. I have experience with the following hotels:

hotel splendide lugano, currently wearing, lugano zurich

Hotel Splendide Royal, Riva Antonio Caccia 7, 6900 Lugano

  • It is an upscale, 5-star hotel situated on the bank of the Lake Lugano. It combines tradition, modernity, and understated elegance. You will definitely enjoy Lugano if you are staying in this hotel.
  • I recommend visiting this hotel if you are on a romantic getaway or on a business trip. It is a bit too upscale for families with small children. I mean, the clientele is older and calm. In conclusion, if you travel with kids, I recommend Hotel De La Paix.

Hotel De La Paix, Via Cattori 18, 6900 Lugano

  • A four-star hotel in the center of Lugano, a stone throw from the Lake Lugano.
  • It is a family-friendly hotel that in addition to a lovely terrace, has a large, outdoor pool.
  • The family room was large, clean, simple (in comparison to Hotel Splendide Royal), and traditionally decorated.

I stayed once in Villa Sassa Hotel, Residence & Spa with a friend. It is pretty but quite a large 4-star hotel. The breakfast was good but although I don’t remember why I didn’t like our stay there.

But there were many families in the hotel and the rooms were large. Thus it makes it a good option for families.

Park Hotel Principe is a nice 4-star hotel surrounded by a private park. The rooms are clean, elegant, and large. The breakfast was generous. It is a great hotel for families.

RESTAURANTS (book in advance):

For traditional, heartfelt local food: Grotto Ticinese – Via Grotti 2, 6944 Cureglia – we come by every time we are in Lugano!

If you are a meat lover, you HAVE to visit Grotto del Cavicc, Via ai Canvetti 19, 6925 Collina d’Oro.

Traditional cuisine with refined taste: Grotto dell’ Ortiga – Str. Regina 35, 6928 Manno.

This one is Italy, a stone throw from Lugano. It has a beautiful lake view and the fish, as well as fruits de mer, are worth the trip: Ristorante il Crotto del Lago, Via Fontanella 3, 22018 Cima CO, Italy.


Munger – an adorable, old coffee place and also a well-known bakery in the center of Lugano. We always buy Panettone and Amaretti there.

Grand Café Al Porto – traditional, stylish, and beautiful coffee place. They have delicious cakes and sandwiches. You can also have lunch there.

Gabbani – the most famous fine butcher and delicatessen store in Lugano. If you like meat, buy their mortadella or Selezione Gabbani salami and enjoy Lugano even more.

For plastic-free and zero-waste shopping visit Negozio Leggero – Via Lambertenghi 2, Lugano.

zero waste store lugano_negozio leggero_lugano switzerland

Besides getting to know the city of Lugano and taking a stroll around the lake, there are two panoramic mountain lifts that I would recommend. If you come by car, you can also visit Bellinzona, Locarno, and Ascona. But if you came by train, the following two panoramic mountain lifts are easy to undertake:

Monte San Salvatore

Monte Brè