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Say No to Fast Fashion: Why Is Sustainable Fashion Better?

In this video, “Say No to Fast Fashion: Why is Sustainable Fashion Better?” I share three reasons why you should switch fast fashion brands to sustainable ones. I also talk about greenwashing and a growing market of second-hand fashion.

Before you watch this video, please know that am not here to judge you. If you wish to continue supporting fast fashion brands, it is your choice. I am just sharing my opinion and I hope that by sharing what I found out, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions.

I didn’t mention in this video, that it is not only us, consumers, who can make the difference. The whole system needs to change. And for that to happen, we need more responsible governments and forward-thinking policymakers, that will hold brands responsible.

If the governments in the countries where fast fashion brands make their clothes don’t protect their workers by asking brands to pay a living wage and offer good working conditions, the brands will not implement these changes by themselves. Why would they? Their model is ut make as much profit as possible. Which means paying ridiculous wages and not feeling responsible for where and how their clothes are made.

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