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Minimalist Fall – Our Favorite DIY Activities

What to do in the fall when it is cold and raining? Well, you can stay at home and work on some DIY projects. I like DIY activities because it’s not about what you can buy but what you can create with the essential things that you find at home or in nature.

A do-it-yourself project promotes your creativity, is budget-friendly, and trains your focus and attention. I think that it’s one of the best ways to practice mindfulness without spending money. 

Here are some of our favorite, budget-friendly DIY projects that Chloe-Sofia and I did this fall. 

DIY Pumpkins – I like both painting and carving them. And I have to say that I was amazed by how easy it is to carve a pumpkin! It’s worth the effort because when you light them at night, the effect is stunning. If you plan to paint pumpkins, choose acrylic paint. We also found little eye stickers that we glued on a pumpkin to make it more Halloween-like (you can see it in our video above). 

source: Good Housekeeping

DIY acorns – painted acorns make a beautiful decoration at home. You can paint them with acrylic paint, nail polish, or make ornaments with a marker pen. 

source: Pinterest

Making pumpkins from an old sweater – this is a do-it-yourself activity that my cousins like to do. We didn’t have time to make pumpkins from an old sweater this year but it’s something that I definitely want to try one day. I learned from my cousin.

sweater pumpkins_diy activities for kids_fall diy_miri ramp

Painted leaves – beautiful and easy to do. All you need is a marker pen and fallen leaves. Before you paint the leaves, put them in an old book for 10 days so that they dry well.


Horse Chestnuts – so versatile. You can paint them or turn them into animals.


Making flowers from fallen leaves – it is much easier than it looks. Just follow the steps below.

source: Pinterest

What are your favorite fall DIY activities? Let me know in the comments below.