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The Lion King and Jungle Festival at Disneyland Paris


A few weeks ago we went to Disneyland Paris to participate at the opening of the new season The Lion King and Jungle Festival. It was our first visit to Disneyland Paris, and we loved it.

The easiest and most practical way to get to Paris from Geneva is by TGV, the french intercity high-speed rail service. When, after three hours, you arrive at Gare de Lyon in Paris, you can take a regional train (RER) that will take you directly to Disneyland. It is the quickest way as it takes about 30 minutes (instead of 1 hour by a taxi).

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There are two entertainment parks in Disneyland Paris: The Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park. On our first day, we visited Walt Disney Studios Park. Chloe-Sofia loved the Toy Story Land; we had dinner in Bistrot Chez Rémy, met Ratatouille and went on the Ratatouille: The Adventure ride.

We spent the rest of our stay in Disneyland Park, which I, personally, found more enchanting. Our favorite attraction was “It’s a small world” – a magical cruise around the world. We liked it so much that we returned on our last day to do it again.

As I mentioned, we went to Disneyland Paris to participate at the opening of the new season The Lion King and Jungle Festival. The Jungle Book Jive is a spectacle that you can see on the parade road. It’s based on the Jungle Book legends. You can see from the costumes that the inspiration came from India and it features percussionists from Rajasthan.

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The Lion King and Rhythms of the Pride Lands is a musical performed at the Frontierland Theatre several times a day. It contains a few songs that you may remember from the Lion King movie, but also some original ones. It’s the second show (after Mickey and the Magician) in Disneyland Paris that features during the whole show a comedian who performs “chansigne.”

Chansigne or so-called dancing with your hands is a form of expression that makes the performance accessible to visitors who are deaf or hearing impaired.

Copyright: Disneyland Paris

If you are interested in seeing The Lion King and Jungle Festival at Disneyland Paris, you have until 22 September 2019. Discover more HERE.

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