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Provocative and Daring Art Basel 2019


What is Art Basel? A privately owned international art fair staged annually in Basel, Miami, and Hong Kong. It provides a platform for galleries to show and sell their work to buyers and attracts a broad international audience of art lovers and students.

We were invited to Art Basel by La Prairie. After sumptuous brunch in Michelin starred restaurant Stucki by Tanja Grandits, we discovered La Prairie’s novelty, which is coming to the market in summer 2019.

We got the opportunity to have a guided tour through the Unlimited sector of Art Basel which houses artworks that are too big to fit in traditional gallery space.

Art Basel 2019/Miriam Ramp/currently wearing/Swiss Blog/Swiss Youtuber

Two artworks that stayed in my thoughts were both concerning women’s rights:

The first one was Open Secret by an artist and activist Andrea Bowers.

Her installation documents the development of #MeToo and TimeIsUp, two international movements against sexual harassment and assault that spread virally following public revelations of sexual misconduct allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein in 2017. It comprises of 200 photographic prints on red backgrounds each of which lists the name and occupation of an accused person, their public response to the accusations leveled against them, details of the allegations, and legal action or any other resulting action.

The second artwork was the installation of LifeDress (2018) by Alicia Framis.

LifeDress brings together elements of technology, activism, and performance to address inequality in the workplace. The dresses are made to protect against a different form of harassment and designed to change shape when intimidation occurs. One can see them as social commentary, dealing not only with the more severe cases of sexual harassment but also with general outmoded attitudes.

I found these artworks memorable and relevant also because on the same day that we attended Art Basel thousands of women in Switzerland went on strike to demand equal treatment and conditions as their male counterparts.

It was the third time I attended Art Basel 2019 and I love it because it’s one of the events where I can just sit, enjoy the flow, feel the energy, listen to people and what they think about different artworks but also educate myself and get better understanding of modern art and how it reflects our society.

Have you ever been to Art Basel, Miami or Hong Kong? Do you like going to the art fairs?

I am wearing a dress from Pascale Cornu: an ethical Swiss fashion designer that you can discover here

  • Sascha Gianella

    This was a great video Miri. I found it relaxing just watching that facial massage!!!! 😉 x

    • Miri

      Ohh! I am so happy to hear that, Sascha! Thank you for leaving a comment, my dear.

  • Jennifer

    Your facial massage looked so relaxing! Art Basel looks like such a cool event!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Miri

      It’s the best art fair ever. I always love visiting it. Big hugs

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