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#haulternative video – Fashion Revolution Week 2019


I decided to make a #haulternative video to support Fashion Revolution Week (22nd-28th April 2019). What is #haulternative? It’s a way of refreshing your wardrobe without buying new clothes.

When the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed (24 April 2013), one thousand one hundred thirty-eight people died, and another two thousand and five hundred were injured. It was the fourth most massive industrial disaster in history.

It was also the moment when the Fashion Revolution started. The aim of the movement is to force fashion brands and the whole industry to be more responsible and ethical, and to educate the shoppers about the working conditions of those who are making their clothes.

In the last few decades, people started to believe that they had to add something new to their wardrobe several times a year in order to stay in fashion. Fashion haul videos revealed that many people saw shopping as their therapy. Not many people wondered how could a t-shirt cost 5$ and jeans 20$.

Some luxury brands make their clothes and accessories in countries where labor is cheaper too. Right now, it doesn’t matter which brands you buy and wear. You cannot be sure that those who made them were paid correctly. Ethical and sustainable brands are the exception to the rule. When I started this blog five years ago, I had to search for Swiss sustainable brands. Now, you can find them all over the country.

I believe that the Fashion Revolution movement is not only about the brands and the way we shop. It’s about changing the way we think and live. Realizing that external “stuff” won’t make us happy, that we don’t have any other choice but to change the way we produce, consume and wear clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Your voice can change everything. Ask brands #whomademyclothes?

Learn how you can support the Fashion Revolution Switzerland HERE or visit the international website

Fashion Revolution Weekend in Geneva 27-28 April 2019:

Fashion Revolution Week_haulternative_Fashion Revolution Switzerland 2019

Copyright: Fashion Revolution Switzerland

This video was recorded in GM Boutique Dépôt-Vente De Luxe, 3 Pictet-de-Rochemont, 1207 Geneva (Facebook: noely mavunza).


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