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Where to Stay in Monteverde

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Hi everyone,

I hope your week is going well. Apologies for being late with my post- my website was not working correctly, and I couldn’t publish anything. Shout out to Minthical for helping me fix it (I don’t know how I would manage it all without their help and quick response. It’s so important to know a company that you can rely on when you’re not an IT wizard.

Today I would love to share with you where we stayed in Monteverde. As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s a biodiverse, mountainous region of Costa Rica, I was looking for an environmentally-friendly accommodation. There are many hotels and lodges that support sustainable lodging. The offer varies from treetop lodges to eco-friendly boutique hotels.

After scouring various travel websites, we selected Senda Monteverde Hotel– a boutique hotel that promised relaxed setting, modern accommodation, open-air porches and views of the Pacific Ocean.

Senda Monteverde’s food policy: “From farm to table”.
(© Senda Monteverde Hotel)

The hotel was designed to be a “green and local” hotel. You won’t find any plastic straws (instead they use bamboo stalks that are compostable) nor plastic water bottles. The food is sourced locally (and so good!) and raw kitchen waste is composted.

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Most of the staff were local and knowledgeable, happy to advise us on the most appropriate tours and activities or where to go eat. Zip lining through the cloud forest and night tours seemed to be the most popular among visitors. Everyone recommended us to do a night tour but since I don’t fancy snakes and Alex spiders, we decided to skip it. But to be honest, one day I felt adventurous, we visited local Serpentarium and I felt sick for the rest of the day.

I recommend that you do a bit of research before you come to Monteverde. There are so many things that one can see, that it’s hard to choose on the spot. you can do in Monteverde that it’s we felt that we didn’t have enough like there was no time. In the end, we visited Treetop Suspension Bridges in Selvatura Park and went on a Coffee, Chocolate, and Sugar Cane Tour which was sweet and fun.

senda monteverde hotel/currently wearing/swiss blog/monteverde hotels

If you want to spend a lazy day, you can go for a short walk to Aguti Wildlife Reserve situated right above Senda Monteverde Hotel. The whole tour is only 4 kilometers long. If you’re not up to it, you can walk around for an hour and come back to the hotel. It’s also much more affordable (15$) than other tours (for example Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve tour starts at $70).

Even if the prices are elevated, I still think it’s wort the visit. You will leave enriched and in awe of nature. One truly has to wander. Nature truly is the best architect, pure harmony that needs no interference from a man.

Aguti Monteverde Wildlife reserve/currently wearing swiss blog/costa rica

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