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Beauty Review: Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion

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We’ve all heard of La Prairie. When I was at University I saw it as an exclusive luxury cosmetic brand beyond my reach. I tried their creams and lotions in department stores, admired the texture, the scent and packaging, and when I got lucky and received testers, I cherished them and hardly used them.

Two years ago I was invited by the brand to Art Basel and got the opportunity to get to know La Prairie better. The whole experience was perfect- planned to the detail, exclusive and unique. I fell in love with the brand and its story.

When it comes to La Prairie, you have to admire the unity of masterful savoir-faire, expertise, craftsmanship, the most exquisite materials and fastidious attention to detail.

La Prairie’s Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion is complete essence-in-lotion infused with the eternity of platinum and offers the first step in the haute-rejuvenation skincare ritual.

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Skin aging is characterized by the accumulation of damage and a gradual loss of functions. Skin rejuvenation depends on optimal cellular functions, cellular energy production and the ability of cells to protect themselves from both external and internal irritants.

Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion acts on these three levels:
1. It supports the skin cells’ ability to remove and recycle damaged proteins to ensure proper cellular functions.

2. It helps to recycle damaged mitochondria to ensure appropriate cellular energy levels.

3. It helps the skin to protect itself against the negative impact of external and internal stress factors by supporting the skin’s own network of detoxifying and antioxidant enzymes.

When people ask me if La Prairie’s products work, I give them a positive answer. I do see that after using their lotions (now I am testing the Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion) my skin looks softer and smoother. On the other hand, the effectiveness comes with a hefty price tag. I still think that it’s worth the investment and you can always visit one of La Prairie’s spas to get an unforgettable experience.


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