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Instagram versus Reality in 2018

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Ultimately, a blog is an online platform, and Instagram is only an app.

So I went to Zara this week. What’s the deal, right? First, my goal for 2019 is to lower my sugar consumption along with shopping. I aim to focus on finding great second-hands instead of buying new stuff. I have a friend who has an eye for it. She is stylish, elegant and one would not say that her wardrobe comes from a second-hand.

When I was a teenager, in the post-Communist Czech Republic, second-hand shopping was a national hobby and a budget-friendly alternative to expensive multinational brands. Nice option to second-hands is cloth swapping. I am always happy to accept clothes that don’t fit my friends as they look new and fit my style.

But we wanted to talk about Zara, didn’t we? Well, I went through the store, looked and tries several items, but they didn’t do anything for my body type. The coats that I liked at first couldn’t be washed in a washing machine or dry cleaned. Are we supposed to through them away once they get dirty? Why did they launch an ethical collection when they keep making single-use coats?

I didn’t like that I didn’t feel pretty either. If I am going to splurge on a coat, it should make me feel elegant. I tried on a plaid blouse that I have admired on other bloggers lately and a pair of corduroys. I didn’t buy a single thing because the more I looked in the mirror in that store, the fatter I felt. Even though I fit in my size, I felt like a grey mouse. And it this exact moment it dawned on me that I had a choice. I could feel unhappy about my body and shame myself or accept these thoughts as old programming and switch the channel. The latter is freeing, empowering and self-accepting.

“It’s easy to receive God’s ‘yes’ with praise, but do you have the faith to receive His ‘no’ with truth?

Pastor Steven Furtick

Two thousand eighteen was a tiring year because things didn’t happen the way I planned and I was unhappy about it. I thought I was going to leave my day job to focus on blogging, dedicate more time to family, publish two articles per week, a video twice a month, exercise on a regular basis and miraculously become wiser, more understanding and empathetic once I hit forty.

Instead, I was supposed to learn that if things are not happening the way I wanted, there is a bigger picture that I don’t see. Maybe things are not supposed to happen the way I planned at all. What if I am supposed to stay where I am to soften a bit, become more patient and surrender? The hardest part was to accept that Universe has its plan which may have nothing to do with mine.

2018 was about working hard (like a little ant) and learning hard lessons. Most of the time I felt like Sysipus, rolling my boulder up the hill for it to roll down once I was near the top. It was not a successful year when it comes to material gains (because I didn’t become a full-time blogger), I got annoyed many times when people were asking me to justify myself (aka – questions about Instagram followers, number of likes and comments), and most of the time I didn’t feel appreciated and accepted.

But as one of my girlfriends said, I have always been the odd one, and that’s my strength. I am learning to embrace situations that push my buttons as they show me on which issues I still need to work.

Throughout the year I kept looking for small things to be grateful. That’s what helped me the most. And there were plenty: I am alive, every day when I woke up, I got a new chance to live, our family is healthy, we are happy together (at least I am thankful for having such kind, loving, understanding and generous husband). Alex and I both have a well-paid job which allows us to support Chloe-Sofia’s growth and development, we have great relationships with our in-laws, and we live in a safe and beautiful country.

Ultimately, a blog is an online platform, and Instagram is an app. They can’t replace human interaction and relationships that we build face-to-face. Reality is not as glamorous as a polished Instagram feed, but that’s the only tangible thing we have.

What is your opinion on Instagram versus reality?

  • Amy Arnold

    It sounds like 2018 was a year of growth indeed. I always hate those times during them and usually look back with gratitude, ha! I think you sound very wise and like you have smart, grounded goals for 2019. I for one love following you.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Miri

      Thank you for your kind words, sweetie. XOXO

  • Didier

    We have definitely curated a persona that is far too perfect on instagram lately that is hard to live up to. People are definitely starting to crave more authenticity from us and that is totally fair! I definitely want to allocate more time to hang out with people this year instead of just seeing them online!


    • Miri

      It is interesting that you’re saying this because that’s one of my goals as well. To build and strengthen relationships in real life.

  • Jennifer

    I agree with this so much! I was hoping to start blogging full time as well! Maybe this year! And that is ridiculous about that coat! How the hell are you suppose to clean it? I’m not a fan of Zara anyways. They steal small designers designs and when they contact Zara about it they just laugh in their faces.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Miri

      Oh WOW! Really? That is even one more reason not to like Zara. ;-)))) bug hugs

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